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LIMITLESS with Celine on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 11am PST / 2pm EST starting March 17th, 2021.



Céline is from a French background from the south of Québec, neighbor of Ottawa. At the age of 2 she witnessed a horrific scene which would set limiting beliefs in place and affect all her relationships with men. At the age of 3, she discovered that her appearance was different from other children, which caused her to live in near constant humiliation. Her quest for answers on why life was so unfair started very young. Much later, she would find answers… to resolve her physical and emotional hardship.


   As early as age 16, Céline took her first personal growth seminar to quench her thirst of learning and understanding the deeper story behind the scene of life, of what they don’t teach in school. Fascinated by this kind of knowledge, she would never stop seeking more answers to find inner peace and resolve with her life experiences, which were getting harder as she grew older. Her academic interests were for foreign languages and Graphic Arts, which she took in Montreal. Life took her away from that career because of health issues. She continued her passion to learn the meaning of life through personal growth courses with schools such as Écoute ton corps (Listen to Your Body) and went all the way. Despite a life full of obstacles, of not being seen for whom she was, a rape and a gang aggression, two major toxic relationships and major losses, she has healed her uncommon past and is now a model of victory. She has been using her experience to assist people get free of their own negative past with different valuable tools and techniques.


Since 1998, Celine works as an Emotional Health Consultant and does not intend to stop. Making a difference and improving people’s lives is her top objective, which will ultimately fulfill her dream of living in a balanced, compassionate world, where everybody can shine and thrive.


Nowadays, Céline spends most of her time promoting elite education to show people how to increase their vocabulary, which is the key to emotional stability, and financial stability. She uses a tool that can reactivate the Natural Learning Ability that is innate in children.


From time to time, she teaches workshops and online Coaching Programs where participants dive in the practice of techniques that have proven effective for some years; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  She also uses and recommends Canadian Vibrational Tree Essences to her clients and businesses to promote emotional wellbeing. The Polaraid DiskTM is also one that she highly recommends for physical issues.  (Available on her website in the near future.)


Céline has obtained diplomas in Graphic Arts, completed certification with the International school Listen to your body (therapist and speaker). Taken many personal growth trainings, studied with Bach Flowers and has been working and distributing Vibrational Tree Essences for many years.


She is best known for her joyful and gregarious personality.  She does her best to be the change she wants to see in the world by increasing collective consciousness, one person – or many – at a time.  She aims to create a world of solidarity, compassion and respect for all life and to elevate people to their highest potential.



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Celine has two favorite quotes:

“Be the Change You Want to See in the World” by Mahatma Gandhi


“Know Thyself and You Shall Possess the Secrets of the Gods and the Keys to the Universe” By Henry David Thoreau


Every cell of her body resonates with those frequencies every day. They are the drive that keeps her aligned to her soul calling; be a model that everyone can follow; remove all polarities, be self-honest, and do what is best for all, every single day. 


She is already living in the new paradigm, and shares her vision of it by educating as many people as possible, through a revolutionary tool that reopens the Natural Learning Ability all over again, making learning practically unlimited… and so much more. 

The world is in great needs of beauty, love frequencies, and self-governance.  Celine uses her digital art* to spread the vibrations of this new paradigm around the world.


** To be announced when available for sale on the website.


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