Quantum Soul Healing with Tracey Stevens



Chandelier Alchemy’s Quantum Soul Healing at 11am pacific on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month starting August 3rd, 2022




I bring in multiple aspects of my Soul which I have Embodied over years of my awakening pathway…. The Main Four I utilize in my Client Session work are: Celestial Shaman, White Wizard, OmniSage & the Divine Mother Arc (God). My Divine Mother Arc Essence heals fractured souls in my Heart Space calling them home to the Mother God for the Healing & Love they need. I speak Healing Light Language, Imbue the Divine in my Watercolor Art, write Light Language Script, bring in healing through Singing & Drumming plus so much more…


Here is a free healing link just for you to experience some of my magic: https://youtu.be/UOdvtTTKFgE


In Client Sessions, I am able to tap into your Oversoul Essences & bring about great positive changes in your life. I am unique in the fact that I work Quantumly, this means I can traverse the dimensions of not only this earthly plane but lifetimes you have experienced in planets, galaxies up to the entire universe. This all sounds very grand… but it has taken my human many lifetimes of experiences on this planet & my histories around the universe through some of the most challenging scenarios imaginable to offer these amazing gifts. How is this possible you ask? I have worked tirelessly over the past 8 years to bring back my remembrance of who I am… throughout all times & dimensions, seating them in my physical human avatar. I have endured many dark nights of the soul plus etheric attacks on all levels. Some of my friends call me a BadAss because of the dark clearing I have done in the past.


I am gifted in many areas: removing soul possessions, channeling, processing/healing traumas of worlds & galaxies, death of a loved one support (your loved ones not only communicate with me but work through me… for you), genetic line clearings, contract removals, personal coaching, soul mission guidance, crystal divination, totems, clearing dark energy attachments & oracle card readings.


My Awakening Journey truly began in 2014. I experienced a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. I would have Unfathomable Experiences of Indescribable Divine Love yet Many Dark Nights of the Soul in the years that followed, Traversing down many Rabbit Holes searching for truth.

At that time in 2014, My Kundalini Awakening was triggered by a divine mirror energetically echoing back to me My Discordant Patterns, Negative Ego, Held Trauma, Destructive Social, Economic & Political Conditioning, False Religious Programs and Genetic/Family dynamics, which had shaped my Life & Personality.

Through this Painfully Intense & Deeply Accelerated Ascension Path, I shed the layers of Dark Shadow, Programming & Traumas that no longer served me. I learned that I was not loving, honoring or respecting myself & giving too much to others… who did not appreciate me, my love or my gifts. I healed my traumatic lifetimes & connected to my Sacred Divinity within… in a Colossal Way,  Forever altering the Trajectory of my Life.  I experience(d) Portal Openings, Visions, My Multidimensional Self, Telepathy, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairempathy, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance & brought in the gift of Light Language…  I had many psychic dark force attacks which were excruciating. They took my mind into many mental prisons which took me months to recover from each time plus brutally attacked my health.

I also had sacred reunions with my Star Families, Ascended Masters like Lord Sananda, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, My Shamanic Teams, Seraphim, Elohim, Dragon Family, Faery Family, plus so many more. I strongly resonate with my Sirius B & Dragon Lineage.

I was able to lose 50 lbs,  Leave my Stressful 3rd Dimensional Career, Clear most of my Diseases, get off my RX’s, Heal my Timelines & Sever 50 years of Religious Chains that had held my Soul Growth back.

I have collaborated with several Soul Brothers & Sistars in the spiritual community publicly & behind the scenes for the collective, the planet & the galaxy. This has been my Greatest Joy & Achievement. Thus transforming my suffering from Lead & Turning it into Alchemical Gold! I am Deeply Grateful for my Path…

Connecting to my Divinity within (Hieros Gamos) has been a Very Sacred Process. I Co-Create with the Divine for my Services & Art.

So….The more I learn, the more I realize… I am still just a Child in a Vast Fragrant Lush Garden of Learning.

Cheers Tracey






“I  have an Entourage of the Highest Light Teams & Councils which are my flagship & support in these Divine Sessions! I am so honored for their support in all I do.”





My sessions are divinely guided & are done in Zero Point. I also seal our session out so there is no interference while I work with you. My human has no idea what is about to transpire for you beforehand in a session. They are truly guided by the Divine!!! This provides the highest healing available because there are entities who don’t want you to heal at this level.  Each session is Unique & Tailored to you, as I connect with your soul on all levels possible. I also do most of the hard purging for you (crying, etc on your behalf) as you are lovingly held by Mother God! These sessions are as gentle as possible regarding processing traumas/shadows. I have testimonials from clients on my website under the “SHAMANIC SERVICES” tab at the bottom for you to explore…


I offer Three Main Quantum Healing Sessions: Shamanic Sessions, Soul Guidance Coaching Sessions & Pet Healing Sessions. Payment is done through PayPal & sessions are done remotely from anywhere in the world via Zoom. You pay 1st then book on my booking calendar. See my WEBSITE for more information: https://chandelieralchemy.com/


Quantum Shamanic Sessions:

These Sessions can be Centered around several of the following at the same time…

* Healing & Integration of the Causal Body

* Implants, Entities & Blocks Removal

* Gifts of DNA Upgrades, Source Healing, Star Family Integrations

* Healing from Passing of a Loved One with associated Messages, Supporting you to not only access your grief but Purging what lies hidden.

* Akashic Records Healing, Upgrades & Clearings

* Guidance & Navigation from your Oversoul, Guides & Angels

* Etheric Rewiring & Clearing

* Addictions & PTSD

* Physical Healing & Shifting as guided

* Plus more as Witnessed & Heard (see my past work below plus reviews)


Soul Guidance Coaching: 


On our Path, it can be difficult to find the Purest Direction & Guidance that our Soul is calling us to. I bring in Loving Support for your Healing/Shifting, Soul Guidance & Energetic Upgrades. Grief Support, Personal Support, Business & Spiritual Gifts Guidance, Ascension Guidance, Plus more…  The Sky’s the Limit here.

So how is this session different from the Shamanic Journey? This session gives you the space to share specifically what you need guidance regarding & I also hold space as you discuss issues in your life. I help identify your blind spots. I can bring in specific plant medicines, crystals & diet advice that will benefit you. Council regarding sacred sexual healing.

If you are in deep grief, I hold you energetically & access areas in your fields that you are not able to access yourself. When my 27 year old daughter died in 2021, I was unable to access levels of grief that I needed to release. I sought out support for this. I can remove blocking energy, so you can access your grief.  I understand issues from a very personal & deep quantum (multi-dimensional) shamanic level.

My Soul chose difficult pathways to learn & grow from, so I bring in the Empathy & Guidance from Experience. I Channel from the Multidimensional Realms & can provide Higher Perspectives.  I am Fully Anchored in 12D. My gifts are Unparalleled & include the Highest Divine Direction from your Soul, Guides & Support Teams. I work directly with them for your Highest Potential. This can include Twin Flame/Beloved/Hierogamic Union advice/support as well.

Being fully Embodied along with my Ancient Knowledge… I bring in your Highest Navigational Direction, Inviting You to Achieve your Best Life and Path. Bringing you..Peace of Mind, More Joy, Love & Support. Bringing you back to the Wisdom of your Heart and Inspiring you to Trust your own Inner Guidance. I can bring in Knowledge of your Gifts, Practical Tools and a Coming Home to Yourself. Activating your True Gifts on a Deeper Level.

Animal Pet Healing:

We all Love our Animal Companions & they can suffer greatly from unseen forces. As a Shaman & White Wizard, I can Clear their Fields, Heal, Attune & Align them to their Divine Purpose in YOUR Life so they lead a much happier existence.  These sessions will also be geared around Supporting your animal companion to Realign & Attune them to the incoming energies from the Ascension.

I will give a voice to your animals’ sufferings & anything else they wish to share with you through my Channeling.


Some of my Past Work includes:

Clearing of Organic/Non-Organic Timelines in one Session with an all new process given to me by Source. No more going into individual timelines to clear unless guided. Also….Processing Hidden Traumas, Activating Mission Templates, Hieros Gamos Upgrades, DNA Upgrades, Bringing in Long Awaited for Star Families, Ascension Pathcutting, Partial Implant/Entity removal, Dark Magic Removal, Sacred Sexual Healing, Genetic Paternal/Maternal Lines Clearing, Childhood, Youth & Adult Trauma Clearing from this Incarnation & Quantum Relationships Entanglement Dissolving through all time.

I have brought in gifts based on the amount of work my clients have done, but have been missing- shown as beautiful Treasure boxes of many colors with innumerable blessings poured into their fields.  Activation of other Lineages (Faery, Dragon, Lyra, Andromeda, etc).  I assigned new teams of light (guides) if clients had outgrown their current team.

Source worked directly through me to Lovingly assign new Divine Counterparts (aka Twins/Aeonic Pairs/Genetic Equals).  This was for those whose current paired partner was not able to honor their soul contract/covenant (I personally went through this process).  I reassigned new souls into the human avatars of old divine counterparts or past karmic partners… thus freeing energy up (de-tanglement). There are many souls waiting, who want to experience the Ascension at this time, so these souls were Transposed for those whose contracts had ended or are null & void.

    I was able to bring in Activations/Healings to start clients on their path to be Galactic/Celestial Shamans, Warriors &/or Cosmic White Wizards.  I have had clients Akashic Records turned into very specific Crystalline essences with the energy of Flowers, Totem Guides & Starlights.  This changed the entire energy of the Akashic Records/DNA to be in Alignment with my clients specific blueprint.


Connect with Tracey here:  Home – Chandelier Alchemy Shamanic Healing Arts



11 Things About Tracey …


  1.   What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’? 

When a lightning bolt came down from source and literally shook my body for about a minute. Extremely Disturbing. My team prepared me in advance for something big & kept me as calm as possible.

  1.   Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

Art Bell awakened me to unlimited possibilities. I adored his voice & persona. I miss the man! The Hobbit by Tolkein. Lord of the Rings Movies, they touched my Soul on a very profound level.

  1.   What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had? 

Connecting to one of my Divine Counterparts in the ethers just before a nap & ending up on a galactic ship’s cargo bay. He was a commander of the fleet in the middle of a war. As he rushed to me in the cargo bay, I turned to look upon him, finding he was an animal-human chimera. Human, yet Part Pig & another animal. It was very disturbing. I intuitively picked up on the fact that he was hit by some sort of weapon which caused his deformities. He didn’t want me to get hurt so I was sent back into my body.

  1.   What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

My artistic talents. I spent years admiring watercolor art thinking it was something that would be very difficult to learn. When I left my career in 2019, I took a watercolor class & was shocked because it was a natural talent. I was actually Edgar Degas in another life. I went from taking a class to selling my art on Etsy in about 6 months. I currently sell what little art I have done on Etsy. (ChandelierAlchemy is my store’s name.)

  1.   What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

To serve as a lighthouse beacon through utilizing my embodied spiritual gifts in support of Gaia (planet) & souls through the ascension.

  1.   What’s your favourite animal?

Top of my list would be Boston Terriers, Pugs, Pekingese & French Bulldogs. Their antics bring me soooo much joy!

  1.   What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

Meditation, gratitude exercises, divine dna decrees & connecting with flowers & crystals.

  1.   What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

Sultry Sexy Blues. “Do it Again” by Diana Krall. Diana Krall & Melody Gardot.

  1.   What’s your favourite food?

Entirely Poor Diet choices…Wine & Cake. I gave up the Wine, Enjoy Cake occasionally. I love exquisitely crafted salads.

  1. What excites your creative juices?

Channeling or receiving new information that shifts my reality… which is just about everyday. Haha 😉

  1. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today? 

I participated in a “behind closed doors” project last year… Dissolving the Hell Realms on the planet with 17 other Lighworkers. My soul took over to lead us into the depths of hell itself. On September 9, 2021…We went into the depths of hell to clear, retrieve the lost souls, faced the abyss (like a vacuum black hole) and the great nothing at the depths of hell to retrieve the lost souls, escort the dark lords to the new universal structure, close the void and evolve demon consciousness to teachers and not demons, in the end the great mother healed the Gaia grids upon the void merger and energetic systems at the center of creation.  It was a mission of healing not battle.  Retrieving our brothers and sisters who have been lost in the dimensions of time in the lower realms.  It started with an earth Akashic and crystal Akashic clearing of healing (earth level) and retrieval and ended with sealing the void. To date… I feel it’s my greatest achievement & joy!!!


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