Soul Alchemy with Christine Marie


Soul Alchemy with Christine Marie on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 11am PST starting Dec 7th, 2021


poet. shamanic reiki practitioner. mystic. creative healer. story teller. traveling free spirit.

photographer. registered nurse. psychic/medium. spiritual guide.


about christine marie

hello beautiful beings + welcome to christine’s online healing portal!

christine is an intuitive empath and gatherer of divine medicine to heal herself and the collective.

her offerings of divine medicine are spread through various mediums. she is a Published Author/Poet, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide/Mentor + Photographer.

her creative self-expression and spiritual connection are opened portals for divine healing + wisdom to flow through her to heal herself + others.

she is an advocate for positive change around de-stigmatizing mental health. domestic violence. and human disconnection.

she urges the need for more self-love. self-reflection. and spiritual connection in order to create a more conscious, loving human evolution.





Education + Training

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification

Shamanic Practitioner Certification, Heartland Healing Arts

Co-Founder of The Healing Circle Community

Reiki I + II Certification, Rishikesh, India

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Western Michigan University




Other Accomplishments

Published Author of Breaking Free: A Self-Healing Journey, Feb 2021

Featured in The Best Holistic Life Magazine, Nov 2021

Solo backpacked Asia for 6 months on a self-discovery journey, 2019

Initiated as a “healer” by ‘the cacao shaman’ in Guatemala, 2018

Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, 2015

Traveled over 20 countries




“so here i am—

granting myself the opportunity

to pour out poetry

like it is the morphine drip

soothing my agony

like it is the oxygen mask

keeping me alive

i might as well be buried

without my lifeline”

– christine marie




about the book

throughout my young adolescent years, my own struggle with mental health hit rock bottom and the truth of my existence came crashing down on me. i didn’t know it then, but this rock bottom transformed into an awakening i could have never predicted. i discovered the only way out of the darkness was through it.

it was within that hollow space of emptiness where i uncovered my own story and true divinity. while being forced to face all i tried to bury and leave behind, i unearthed the biggest disconnection of all—the relationship between myself and my own

mind body and soul.

this collection of poetry is not only a journey of healing and self-discovery, but it also serves as a connection back to the little girl who was once so afraid to be heard, loved, and seen. i dedicate this to her and to anyone out there who has never had the chance to fully express their truth.

my hope is that by exposing the marrow of my bones, it gives others the courage to do the same.



Coming Soon …

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