Soul Connections with Elena Angel

Soul Connections heard Wednesdays at 11AM Pacific Time Starting October 30TH 2019


As a Transformational Life + Relationship Coach and Founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching®, my work is about giving you the tools to tap into your potentiality and transcend self-imposed limitation.

I help smart, sensitive, successful people evolve their experience of intimacy and power within themselves and their relationships.




What I do is help you harness energetics for healing, transformation and conscious co-creation. This results in you, living your life with less fear and a more open heart. It means channeling your energy into exciting projects, as well as personal pleasures and thrilling adventures.
And through this process, you get to know yourself so well that you can face down the demons that usually keep you from further expansion.



I first built a career as a classical musician over 20 years, before a shift into tantric counselling and transformational healing work. I admit, I’ve been a seeker all my life, studying fervently, looking for answers, wanting to know the true meaning of life, the nature of the human body, mind and spirit, how things come to be… Even so, I wasn’t expecting such a phenomenal shift 20 years into my musical career. It was a soul awakening. It opened up a world of possibilities for me.




I understood discipline. Artistry. Genius. I also discovered transcendence—right inside my body. Music and sound, including my own (hypnotic) voice, are major catalysts in my work today. I also draw on brain-wave technology and create deeply transformational experiences in my guided meditations, live and recorded. Through extensive and experiential study, my approach also combines Taoism, Tantra, meditation, vibrational and energetic modalities, relationship theory, shamanism, Reiki, the Millennium Method and other Quantum transformation methods, NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. I am strongly motivated to pursue the call in my heart, my Soul’s longing, and believe that in the pursuit of my own evolution, others benefit and are inspired to grow and deeply connect. As we live and love more joyfully and passionately and fulfil our highest potential, the world becomes a better place for us all.  The people I tend to attract are seekers.  I support those ready to upgrade their skills for successful and intensely satisfying relationships.




When you face your innermost fears and realise your magnificence, worthiness and limitlessness, you can become the co-creator of your life.
You are worthy of finding ecstasy in your body and finding power in surrender. If you want to get what you want, simply become it. I believe that every situation we find ourselves in comes with a history, a mindset, emotional patterns and physiological changes.  At this internal level, we can transform our world.

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