Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker

‘Soul Level Self’ with Carla Blacker at 2pm pacific on the 2nd Thursday of the Month


Carla is an Author, Writer and Speaker, a Transformational Retreat Facilitator and the creator and founder of SYMMETRY~ Life in Balance.

Carla is here to encourage, connect and guide individual Soul-level transformation to those whose spiritual awakening has evolved into the personal pursuit to unveil purpose and passion in their own lives by way of the Universal Law of Attraction in balance with deliberate and intentional focus.


Do you understand that there is no one and no thing “out there” that is going to change you or heal any of the old wounds that continue to hold you captive? Whether it’s physical pain, emotional trauma, spiritual blame/shame or guilt, you have the power to shift your perspective.

Do you feel ‘something not quite right’  but are not sure how it happened, why it came about or what to do now?

Do you really want to release and forgive past regurgitated feelings?

It’s all about your alignment.

Carla is here to encourage, connect and guide individual Soul-level transformation to those whose spiritual awakening has evolved into the personal pursuit to unveil purpose and passion in their own lives by way of the ​Universal Law of Attraction in balance with deliberate and intentional focus from within.

Carla shares the mind-set that you have the power within you to adjust your fundamental attitude about who you are and why you are here.  It’s time to care about how you feel about the things you have caused your life to become what it is today. Right now.

She has spent the last 10 years practicing peace within her Soul Level Self journey and has now become a four-time, award-winning published Indie Author; and, has launched an indulgent fictional short-story romance series.

She became an Advanced Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner in 2013; a Certified Law of Attraction Adviser; a Transformation Facilitator; a PWN International Speaker- Women are the Future 2016 Louisville Conference; Creator of The SoulFit Leadership Collective, a social media group and offers individuals the Soul Level Self intuitive profile on her website SYMMETRY life in balance.

Carla has empowered herself from within and these milestones have manifested in a pursuit to truly know and believe in who she is and why she is here.

“Regardless of what experiences I had, I knew that I was more than a victim of circumstance or simply a product of my environment.”  Carla’s perspective has opened the heart-mind connection for many and will continue to share through embracing inspiration and reality.

“I believed that I wanted to change how I felt about the way I told my story.  I didn’t want to change my life story, I just wanted to feel better about the perception I had about the life I lived.”

On her 40th birthday she had an extraordinarily profound experience of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awakening.  Since then she has had a growing and deepening clarity in the purpose of the Soul’s unique and divine path.

“It became my passion, mission and my contribution to this world to share a deliberately shifted story of love, forgiveness, peace and intention for ALL souls to courageously shift the expression of their story.”

Daily practiced awakening and study of the Akashic Records and Soul Realignment ™, Carla has unveiled and embraced SYMMETRY-  a balanced and peaceful path of purpose.

Soul Realignment™  through the Akashic Records is a very accurate way to access, intuitively/energetically, the wisdom and information necessary about the Soul that will bring about a profound shift in awakening.


“I did it for me and I now share this gift with many others whom I am given the opportunity to guide and encourage.”


Carla grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan and now travels extensively throughout the country with her husband, of twenty years, on a year-round basis and feels blessed with the opportunities to visit various areas of this beautiful country we call freedom.


Beautiful Souls respond to the Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker and her book, Salt in the Wound and the Courage to Forgive.


“One day, I met you, beautiful lady, and with your inner peace and wisdom words I learned to:

*Enjoy the moment and take advantage of it.

*Laugh all the time, even at myself.

*Let go of all those things that do not serve me anymore.

*Breath in every inch of happiness life is bringing.

*Accepting being loved and appreciating it.

*Leave the past where it belongs and remember all the things learned and accept that everything happens for a reason and the experiences build a better you.

Embrace and empower myself. Today, I choose to be happy”  Soul Sister/I.Nazario



“Carla, Before the sun sets on this day, I want to take the time to share that I truly believe you are a gifted speaker, author and woman dedicated to lifting and encouraging others.  In 34 years of establishing PWN and hosting hundreds of international speakers, without a doubt your presentation was among the top five I have had the honor to witness.  Thank you for your words of wisdom during your speaking engagement.  It was a blessing to share the exciting release of your new book and of course, to meet your mother.  Wishing you a safe trip home.  You are a treasure.~  Linda, PWN


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Consciousness gives us power! All souls are unique expressions of the Divine.  Every time you choose negative emotional responses to circumstances through actions of fear, guilt, blame or shame, you create momentum in misalignment, stress and dis-ease.   Every time you choose an emotional response based on the feelings of love, abundance, patience, wisdom and truth, you create the human expression which holds the greatest potential for happiness.

The experience of creating and balancing the relationship ​with the Soul level self is being consciously connected to Source energy. 

The Soul Level Self

with Carla Blacker

the Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker-  is a journey of emotional awakening and internal self healing through the soothing process of forgiveness at the level of the Soul. An empowering path in letting go of lifetimes of cycles, habits and limiting beliefs about who you conditionally know yourself to be and reintroduce you to who you are~ authentic and Divine.
This is a journey of intentional reflection, internal forgiveness and clarity while accessing levels of personal empowerment that remove negative karmic influence (Karmic Detox!) from current circumstances.

Create a new sacred space in your heart-mind for all that is possible in a life lived in happiness!

Shifting consciousness can be difficult and most often will create chaos before calm~
intentional c

ourage and deliberate actions lead to breakthroughs of various levels of resistance and will open
up the boundaries of possibilities. 
Do you hold on to negative beliefs about yourself?  

Do you feel that you have created ‘something not quite right’  but are not sure how it happened, why it came about or what to do now?

Do you really want to release and forgive?  For real?  

It’s time to adjust your fundamental attitude.  It’s time to care about how you feel about the things you have caused your life to become.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy 
All persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives.
Higher energetic vibrations will consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles 
in such a way as to effect the positive evidence of change. 


SYMMETRY Life in Balance shares
the Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker
a revealing personal quest for peace within the Soul level self
The remembrance of the you who intended to Be-come
Ease the process of forgiveness through inner strength,
love, peace and creative free will. 

Your personal 21-day journey begins
with a 
personal Akashic Records reading.

By providing basic information via private email.  I will begin reading the energetic patterns about your Souls personal and authentic Akashic Records . This profile report will assist and guide you to embrace your own power through your own Divinity.   ​This is the power to demonstrate self-awareness through conscious and intentional choice to care about what comes next for you.

Are you ready to allow forgiveness into your current perception of the life you have created?          

Are you ready to truly set your intentions to create a life experience that feels good!?

Are you ready to let go of [__fill in the blank     ] ?
You know…. it’s that thing that you do that makes you feel like [    fill in the blank     ]
every time you think about it?  

Why do you feel the way you feel? 
Why you do the things you do? 

What is really going on within the emotions you choose?

“We are here to express our Divinity into our human experience. 
The information contained within the Akashic Records about the nature of our Soul lets us
 tune into our own Divine nature.”~ Andrrea Hess, Creator of Soul Realignment™

The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of all data about all choices that are ever made.  Each Soul has its’ own, unique and individual Akashic Record, otherwise referred to as the Book of Life.  These imprints of energy contain information about the Soul back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source.

The journey in self-awareness begins with being aware of the Soul Level Self.

Create your life from the SOUL LEVEL SELF!

Contact Carla today  

the Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker
(1) Personal Akashic Records Written Profile
(1) Personal Akashic Records Realignment
(1) Personalized Clearing within the Akashic Records
(1) Personalized 21-day transmutation mantra: KARMIC DETOX MANIFEST
(1) Defining your Joy, A 30- minute phone session with Carla Blacker, Transmutation Mentor
-OR- (1) mini-profile reading and detox for specific circumstance

Soul Level Self Akashic Record Profile Reading

Readings are NOT performed face-to-face or on the phone.  Communication fulfilled via email and written reports.
Stop spending thousands in the attempt to “Soul search”.  No program or monthly membership fee is going to help until you allow the alignment of your own power.  One time ninety-nine dollar no add-ons, no fees, no extraneous or ambiguous offers.

Just You on a Rendezvous with You.  I promise you that once you meet you in the level you have always been, you will always ​and forever be your own best friend.


11 Things About Carla …


  1. What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’? I was not often aware of childhood awakening experiences though I believe I have had them all along.  I began shifting my awareness and experienced a profound shift about 10 years ago.  After a group Angel reading session with a few close friends and, a woman whom I now consider an amazing healer and guide, offered me acceptance with an open heart.  This session began with her choosing me to talk to first with messages from spirit.  I witnessed her aura shift and listened intently as she shared knowledge of people and circumstances she would not have ever known.  I was so intrigued and astounded and excited that we were able to share a private session together where spirit used my body to experience what being “grounded” felt like and what “letting go” was all about.  The immense energy that was exchanged taught me how to “upgrade” slowly and peacefully.
  2. Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?  I have to say my favorite teacher is life experience.  Honestly, I love my own book and read it a lot.  I love audible books of self empowerment and the powers of the Universe ie:  The Fourth Agreement, don Miguel Ruiz (and the Fifth Amendment) to Deep Truths by Gregg Braden; I also have romance novels by Nora Roberts and thrillers by Stephen King.  I have not been watching many movies as of late, but will always enjoy epic adventures like Harry Potter series and Lord of the Ring Trilogy/Hobbit
  3. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had? Hands down the strangest and most exhilarating moment was during a meditation session.  My father (who made his transition 44 years prior) appeared before me in enlightened perfection and said “let’s waltz, you’ve always wanted to do that.”  We danced and it was amazing!
  4. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?  I travel the country with my husband year-round.
  5. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?  To facilitate forgiveness and empowerment one Soul at a time.
  6. What’s your favourite animal?  I do not have a favorite animal as I love all creatures great and small. (but dogs, I heart dogs!)
  7. What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way? Gratitude in joyful meditation, at least 10 minutes a day and practicing awareness of my thoughts and behaviors.  I practice life/attitude balance and peace by seeing the world through the eyes of Source God.
  8. What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?  Music is a creative inclusion to any day and it will depend on my inspired thoughts.  My playlist ranges from Enigma and Chris Botti to Global Chill and ODESZA to 80s rock and Micheal Jackson.  Movie theme scores are popular when I’m writing!
  9. What’s your favourite food? Cheese (except any form of blue) and seafood- #1 crab legs
  10. What excites your creative juices?  Having fun.  Being authentic and significant.  Empowered mind, body and spirit.
  11. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?  


SYMMETRY life in balance


the Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker

Carla is here to encourage, connect and guide individual Soul-level transformation to those whose spiritual awakening has evolved into the personal pursuit to unveil purpose and passion in their own lives by way of the Universal Law of Attraction in balance with deliberate and intentional focus.

You are a spiritual BEING and you have a Divine conduit~ a connection, a light, an energy force that is unique and authentic to ONLY YOU.  You can call it God, the Universe, the Collective Consciousness~ the label does not matter as much as the value you place upon the sacred relationship and faith in the depth of it’s very connection to your Soul.


Launch your journey with a solid and undeniable foundation of Divine alignment.


the Soul Level Self with Carla Blacker

A uniquely inspired Akashic Records intuitive reading  

creating the balance of mind, body and spirit through discovering 

and empowering your Soul’s divine and authentic purpose.


Decide. Identify. Forgive. Embrace. Enjoy. Accelerate.



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