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INTRODUCTION – Super Soul Solutions Radio Guest:  SCOTT LEMRIEL   5/28/2020

I am very happy to introduce Scott Lemriel to all of you today. He is known worldwide as the Direct Experience-based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher, author, international speaker, and all-around Renaissance man.  He is also an actor, book and screenplay author, producer, director, music composer and performer, who in the past, directed 50 weekly TV shows with the theme “Exploring Your Spiritual Life” in Washington State.

Scott is passionate about revealing to you what he has uncovered, and is continuing to discover through direct contact with the Oldest off-world species called the Seres (pronounced ‘Say Rays’) Race, who initially co-created with The Source of All Life, and was responsible for the developing and the coming into creation of our human species. (The human race did not originate on planet earth).

I am very excited to share some really great news from Scott ! Recently, a special dispensation from Prime Creator was announced to end the “Experiment of Evil” and an Uplifting Transformative Golden Ray of Enlightenment is now available for all of us to access.

This golden Ray is profoundly affecting all Beings. It’s influence has had an important effect on these Seres beings. They felt impelled and realized that they had a responsibility to return to earth after one billion years, to assist us humans in our full awakening and remembering of who we truly are as a soul, not a body.

What does this mean for you? This means your Higher Consciousness will be activated; and you have an opportunity to recover your original Creator-given abilities; that had been previously switched off. Did you know that normal humans in and from the stars,  (there are millions out there) live for 1000 years, are fully telepathic, have a photographic memory, the ability to remember all their lifetimes; and use 100% of their brain capacity? That is your divine right as well.

Today, Scott will give you a unique experience and an empowering tool to activate Consciousness Expansion within you. He skillfully and colorfully will guide you through a journey where each of you will have a Direct Experience of yourself as a soul (Atma).  Once you do, you will never forget it. He will also introduce a New primordial Sound that activates your Pineal Gland (the 3rd eye). This sound is designed so you can plug into the Omnipresent energy Field that exists underneath and between all matter and all dimensions to access what you wish to explore of your Multidimensionality. You can easily practice this for 15 minutes before you go to sleep.

Through Scott’s direct conversation and experiences with the Seres Race, as well as numerous experiences of Conscious out-of-body travel starting at five years old, bi-location explorations into parallel and higher dimensions, and journeys involving the Future Earth Destiny Time Track; he was shown how, about ½ million years ago, human consciousness was interfered with and divided into Subconscious and Conscious. This action, plus an energetic fear insertion; closed down the Direct Knowing of who you are as a soul and what you are doing here on earth.

This is all about to change.

Scott’s 4 websites:  (Primary website) (supporting website) (supporting website) (supporting website)

Order Books on Amazon:

5th Edition of The Seres Agenda that includes special techniques

2nd Edition of The Emerald Doorway (Part 1)





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I would be honored to assist you with your concerns covering a wide variety of topics – a few of which are below.

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