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Energy Medicine Doctor

Dr. Susan Jamieson is an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine), MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), DRCOG (Diploma of the Royal College of Gynaecology and Obstetrics), MRCGP (Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners) and also energy medicine doctor and medical intuitive…

Dr Jamieson is a specialist in integrative and functional medicine with 26 years experience working as a physician in Hong Kong. Her Integrative Medical Practice group combines the very best of Western and Eastern therapies. An author and international speaker, Dr Jamieson is known as ‘The Light Doctor’.

Dr. Susan Jamieson is a medical doctor, trained in Scotland and Harvard, who pioneered and runs and practices in an Integrative Health Practice in Hong Kong. Trained in energy medicine techniques, she is an author and speaks internationally on her specialization – light energy.

Ranging from biology to neuroscience and quantum physics, we’ll explore connections between mind-body, and between therapist and client.


She is a member of the Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine – ACNEM (this credential is sometimes displayed as MACNEM).

Trained in both Scotland (University of Glasgow) and at Harvard, she combines an integrative and functional medicine approach with energy healing to get the best possible outcomes for her patients. She’s been an associate professor at the Chinese University in Hong Kong, a Reiki master, EMF and EFT practitioner, and corporate trainer.

Gradually, she came to realize that intuitive skills and conscious listening were also critical to healing, and that she could often learn more about a patient’s condition and diagnosis than conventional tests alone could tell her. Of course, listening to the patient is important, but so is using a broader sensing that can integrate their story, the medical knowledge, the tests, and intuition to often add up to something more.




Dr. Susan Jamieson is the Scottish physician, energy medicine doctor, and medical intuitive who pioneered integrative medicine in Hong Kong, founding her holistic medical practice of integrative practitioners who use both traditional and energy treatment techniques. She specializes in connecting Eastern and Western healing philosophies; mind body and spirit.

She’s been very successful in using energy therapy in her work, and is convinced that using consciousness in medical intuition while also being trained in medicine offers additional opportunities for achieving wellness at the highest level.

Serving as a bridge between science and spirituality in catalyzing patients’ wellness, she believes that true vibrant health can only be reached through embracing our own wholeness and knowledge of the innate interconnectedness of all things. The special skill is using consciousness, and connecting to the patient’s energy, or light, in order to access more information. As everything is held in the informational light field, the doctor “extends her antennae” to feel out the (often subconscious) problem.




As doctor to several of the world’s most famous rock stars, including Mick Jagger, Elton J0hn, Kylie Minogue, Il Divo, Greenday, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, The Eagles, and others, she understands the pressures of artists performing, and she contributes to arts sites on performers’ life management.




Her passion is to share her knowledge of our beings as that of light. This includes the light fields at the core of our body, as well as those of the natural world, and how they can be accessed and utilized through integrative energy healing. This leads us further, to the exploration of non-ordinary reality, including intuition. Dr. Jamieson has 30 years experience using intuition in the medical field, and teaches the skills she’s learned at workshops worldwide. See past workshops in AustraliaNHS Conference and past events here.





Dr. Susan Jamieson has been a radio host on Radiolightworker with monthly guests from all walks of life, and has been Hong Kong’s Radio 3 Doctor. She has made a number of guest medical appearances on Hong Kong regional TV as well as CNN. She has spoken of the importance of integrative medicine and taking an energy medicine doctor approach on TEDx. She  writes regular health blogs for a Hong Kong South China morning post;  AsiaSpa Magazine; and recently Thrive Global.




We mostly understand her Celtic origins in her deep atonement to the natural world. She truly believes in a oneness between ourselves and the planet and of our interlinked fate. In particular to help down regulate and balance the nervous system she has embraced the world forest bathing and become a forest bathing practitioner.




She is an author of the energy medicine book, published by Findhorn Press, ‘Medical To Mystical, Bring Light Into Your Life’. Dr. Susan has also been a radio show host and filmmaker in the mind – body – spirit arena and an artist in the areas of poetry, painting, and sculpture.

Orphelia by Susan Jamieson

Orphelia by Susan Jamieson



Energy medicine doctor Susan Jamieson working in Tacloban

Working in Tacloban Disaster Response

What has given her the most pleasure has been the opportunities in Asia for humanitarian work, local and international:

  • 2005 Sri Lanka Tsunami
  • 2oo8 Chengdu earthquake – Trauma Relief Workshops in 2011
  • 2013 Typhoon Haiyan/Tacloban Relief

for which she has received awards. Even her first posting in Hong Kong in the 80’s involved working in a government TB hospital with displaced Vietnamese boat people who arrived as refugees.


Typhoon Haiyan in 2013also known as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, ranked as one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded. It was stronger than Katrina and Sandy combined, and the scramble to respond with essential medicines was challenging.


Dr Susan Jamieson in Tacloban

Dr. Susan Jamieson in Tacloban

Dr. Susan struggled for two days to pull together a half million dollars worth of vaccines and antibiotics, and get a flight into Tacloban city. At the time there were an estimated 5000 dead and 2000 missing.

Finally, the head of national disaster council in Manila – Olive Luces (chief of NDRRMC, National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Manila) and Buddy Estudillo (head CDRMMC – City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Tacloban) arranged to fly her from Manila to Tacloban by military flights, and then from the airport to the Town Hall to set up a clinic right in the heart of this disaster city.

This was an ongoing life-saving mission as infectious diseases can kill more people than the initial trauma. Wounds needed to be triaged, but diarrhea and illness due to lack of sanitation and fresh water were also serious risks. Vaccines take 2 weeks to work, and needed to be administered as soon as possible. Volunteers like Dr. Susan could move faster than the large AID agencies.

“Dead bodies everywhere and no running water… treating a few thousand is a drop in the ocean…”



Energy Healing Therapy – Quantum Light Matrix Balancing


I currently have some opportunities to offer energy healing therapy, and have some available slots for my sessions – which are all 30 minutes. Please contact me to arrange a session, telling me where you live, and a few sentences about the problem, and we will get together on skype or zoom.

Payment in advance by paypal, HK $2450, or US$315.

Great information:

‘I was so glad to get advice and healing form Dr Jamieson. in one session she gave me instant information regarding my son’s issues, and also immediately helped my anxiety’, A Althoft, UK



“So, I just did a light cleaning exercise and I really enjoyed it. It took 5 minutes. Before I was nervous, my head was spinning and now my feet are on the floor with warmth. After  I feel tired but I also feel something had gone down, got better. I don’t know where.. but the head is not so tense anymore.”


I feel so much better


“I’m really happy. Before I came I was really tired and low. After everything and meeting you, with all your help, I feel so much better. I feel happy and I can do my life. It’s great.”Click below to watch Kesia’s video:




Here are some of the questions I’m frequently asked about energy medicine. Please click the links for more information.


What is energy medicine?

What are the best energy healing methods?

What do I need to know about purifying room energy?   Do I need to cleanse my energy?



11 Things About Susan Jamieson M.D. ….


What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

I’m very connected to nature,and remember as a baby lying in  my pram looking up at the
light filtering through the trees in our garden. I completely merged with the light! There was a
knowingness of oneness and interconnectedness. Something I now teach !

2. Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

As an M.D., I’ve always connected to Deepak Chopra, with whom I worked 20 years ago – I
think he was very brave in those days. Also Eckhart Tolle – I quote him in my book, as
someone, when I hugged him, completely radiated light!
Movie- I think ‘Being There’ ( Peter Sellers)

3. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

Had a bad night's sleep in a small village middle of Sweden, as I was woken by what we in
the East call ‘Hungry Ghost’ (discarnate Earthbound entities wanting to ascend to the light).
I’m used to this, it’s my service, so I asked for my usual spiritual master helper (Chinese kick –
ass God called Wong Tai Sing). However , I guess because I was in Europe not China, out of
nowhere Jesus popped in! Unasked- suddenly there was an image. Of course I asked for
him to do it … later that day I was told that this village had been the centre of witch burning in
Sweden.. which wound explain all the unhappy entities who needed my help!

4. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

Spirit has sent me every major rock star in the world as client! Interestingly, they were the
ones that I liked and was personally, in my little British way, interested in, such as Sir Elton
John and mick Jaggar.

5. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

Teach about Light in wellbeing; help people be happier and transform in consciousness. From
an MD background this seems unusual, but I guess I have very solid experience.


6. What’s your favourite animal?

Dog- I have two. Also adore horses, and have a big past in representing my country Three
Day Eventing.. now I just want a Shetland pony in the garden I can kiss a lot!

7. What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected,
grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

Absorbing light through the crown of my head. It’s been proven that even thinking of light we
radiate more from our bodies .

8. What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

So hard! Like Folk rock; Indie; Trance; Adele;

9. What’s your favourite food?

Honestly -sugar but I try not to!

10. What excites your creative juices?

Anything creative ! Dance mainly – tango, swing, salsa, ecstatic, but also

11. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?

My online sessions and courses:  I’m running courses for improving intuition, and accessing tranquillity.

And I also have a limited number of private sessions.

Quantum Transformation- Light Matrix Balancing

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