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We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience. We have come to live the life of our dreams. It is our sovereign right. It’s time to realize our gifts and make the world a better place. Are you ready?

Denise is a Spiritual Healer, based in Seguin Township, Ontario, who channels the divine white light realms. She connects with your Spiritual Guidance in order to help you reach your highest potential. Release what no longer serves you and usher in what does. It’s time to manifest miracles on all levels.

“I am here to help those that wish to rediscover WHO they are. Healing through reconnecting with WHO they came here to be.”

– Denise Exler





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 have attended Denise’s healing circles and also I’ve had the privilege to know her work as a healer. I’ve dealt with ongoing shoulder problems as well as many other stress related ailments, not to mention severe headaches that I have struggled with since early childhood. A few years ago, she gave me my first hands-on treatment. I found it not only relaxing, but mentally and physically healing.I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful Denise is as a person and healer! I feel so blessed to have connected with her.

Maria Bayara-Forero

Naples, Florida

Denise’s guidance, wisdom, and insights have been incredibly transformational.

Connecting with Denise through many healing guided meditations and journeys, drum circles, channeling sessions, light activations and light language, both in person and online, has opened my eyes and accelerated my spiritual growth tremendously. Her heartfelt, compassionate, sincere, and positive efforts to help all navigate this time of great change, awakening, and evolution of higher consciousness is truly such a gift and one I am most grateful for.

Denise, through White Light Healer, absolutely brings love and light into her life’s work, whether in a group setting or one on one. Her passion and knowledge, helps to lift up, enlighten, and heal, bring in higher energetic awareness and vibrations, and assist in the unprecedented individual , collective, and planet Ascension we are moving into and through.

Megan Miller

Glenview, Illinois

Every week I look forward to the Drum Circles and Weekly Prayers by Denise. I love that each one is unique. I appreciate how she’s in-tune with the energy of the world and picks up on the group’s energy at that moment. She also draws cards for the group to share more insight with the group. She has such a warm presence where I feel very safe letting my energy flow. I find her drumming deeply soothing and healing, it puts me in a relaxed meditative state. If this is how it feels virtually, I can only imagine what powerful healing she brings in person. I’m definitely looking forward to a one-on-one healing session with her.

I can’t recommend Denise enough, she is wonderful!

Cassie Tapia

Fort Worth, Texas

Denise is a powerful healer. I have been participating in her healing drum circles and weekly prayers for almost a year now and I am so grateful for her work. When I was living in Spain, I tuned into her circles every week and they helped immensely while in lockdown. I feel amazing in my body and mind after each session. For anyone seeking peace and a sense of groundedness, I highly recommend a session with Denise!

Kaitlyn O’Brien

Glenview, Illinois

I would like to say that Denise Exler is the real thing. She is authentic, compassionate and very spiritually evolved.  I am grateful for all she has taught me and would recommend her healing sessions to anyone. I trust in Denise. Those of my patients that I have referred to her, report positive breakthroughs, an uplifting experience, and a shift in their lives.

Dr. Janice Shouldice, ND

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

I’ve had spiritual, energy healing sessions in the past with various practitioners but my experience with Denise tops them all. She has an ability to tap into your soul’s purpose and your divine guidance to transmute energy and heal what is ailing you.

We have been working together for a few years and with her help and treatments, I have been able to heal and further develop my skills. Her passion for what she does shows up in every healing and I feel totally supported. Denise is intuitive, compassionate and “spot on” when it comes to focusing, clearing, and facilitating your healing. Every healer needs a healer and she is mine and I am so blessed to have her looking after my healing journey.  Thank you, Denise for sharing your gifts with me and the world.

Teresa Di Gorgio

Your Healing Journey

Healer & Medium

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

I was divinely guided to meet Denise years ago. When our paths crossed, Spirit told me it was ok to ask this person for a hug as I was going through a hard time. So I did, I approached her, told her I needed a hug, and got a hug I remember to this day. I could feel the love of this Earth Angel.

Soon after I started going for one-on-one healing sessions, my mind was blown.

I’ve never experienced anything like it. When Denise was drumming, I could feel my connection to Mother Earth’s heartbeat. I could also feel others’ hands on my body, healing me from the realms Denise calls in.

I always feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually after a healing. When Denise started downloading Light Language, the healings became more intense. Denise is the epitome of a “White Light Healer”. I am blessed to know her both as a Healer and a friend.

Erika Wolf

Wolf Scents

Aurora, Ontario, Canada

Denise Exler’s ability to channel in Light Beings to perform, what is known as psychic surgery, is in my opinion what she does. In my experience with her, she did just that from a distance. Her ability to send in her light beings to work on me, while I slept was miraculous. I have been dealing with an on and off again internal issue that needed attention. She informed me that the beings of light would check back into the injury site 3 days after the treatment to see if the “stitches” could come out, and if it was a success. It was!! At that time, my energy was low and I didn’t feel like doing my regular exercise routine, as my body was still in its healing phase. My regular energy levels came back to normal in about one week. I know there is still more work to be done, when I rechecked my field there was definitely a change for the better. Denise possesses a gift at a high level. I have received decades of energy work, and given it too as a healer myself, but Denise’s ability stands at a high caliber. I highly recommend her work!

Christina Haverkort
Distance Energy Medicine
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I had a shamanic healing session with Denise Exler in March 2017. After months of suffering from grief and confusion about fulfilling my life’s purpose and a series of loved ones dying, I was feeling lost. Upon first impression, I was instantly put at ease. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt safe with her. After a few minutes she was connecting to me in ways that I couldn’t verbalize myself. She was getting clear messages about what I needed during the healing. Once I was on the table, I could feel a soft light energy filling the room. She was skilled at the process of releasing the parts of me that were stuck. After releasing the heavy weights I was filled with an energy that helped me to see and feel clear. This was the first time I’d felt this way in a long time. After the session I felt light headed, but more connected than I had in months. It has been a couple weeks since my session and I’m still feeling great. Where I was feeling blocked, I still feel full of love and joy since her session. This is necessary, since what I do is write about life from a loving place.

Thank you, Denise.

With Love and Gratitude

Rachel W.

Venice, Florida

I chose to schedule an appointment with Denise based on the recommendations of many trusted friends within my spiritual community. I was also impressed by her advanced level of training and certification. Upon meeting with her, I learned that she was far more than a product of her education and experience!

I believe that God uses his “Earth Angels” to provide healing, enrichment and encouragement to those of his flock most in need. After an extended individual session with Denise, I’m certain that she’s one of God’s spiritually elite Angels.

She’s an exceptionally warm person and the calm she projects creates a safe space to share emotional wounds that I thought could never be healed. She listens carefully, helping one to identify areas in need of healing and citing innate strengths to create a direction for positive future growth. This is what distinguishes her from other spiritual healers. Afterwards I left feeling positive and hopeful for my future. Why expend any further time and energy on past painful issues?

A month since my spiritual healing session with Denise, I am happy to report that I am meeting goals I had long ago allowed to fall by the wayside. Most notable is actually writing a book I’ve carried in my head and heart for years! I will always be grateful for her spiritual healing and encouragement!

I strongly recommend Denise as a Spiritual Healer and Guide extraordinaire!

Lisa B.

Naples, Florida

I have done many guided meditation classes with Denise which have proven to be beneficial.

I learned about releasing emotional patterns through essential oils as well as how to connect with Angels, Ascended Masters, Power Animals and many more.  Each guided meditation had a theme and supported me in manifesting significant changes in my life. I was able to manifest a new partner within days of our relationship guided mediation!

I have also done one on one healing sessions with Denise which has aided me in releasing old patterns, beliefs and energy which was holding me back from creating the life I was meant to have. She has helped me release emotional blocks and energy which improved long standing health issues 100%!

I would recommend anyone wanting to make significant changes in their life, health, relationships or career to work with Denise who truly is a light worker, teacher/mentor.

J. M.

Oakville, Ontario

Denise was highly recommended to me during a difficult time in my life. When I arrived at her place, I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted by a warm smile and I knew I was where I needed to be. She began by listening to me carefully and worked with me to create an optimal healing environment. During my time with her, I felt things definitely shifting for the better.

Afterwards, Denise further helped my healing process by providing me with tools that I could use to to empower myself by taking control of my own healing. I can state without reservation that Denise approaches her work with the highest level of professionalism, respect and compassion. She is an amazing person, teacher, healer and has been a gift in my life.


Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


Work With Denise:  SERVICES | Denise Exler | White Light Healer




11 Things About Denise ….


  1. What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?

I don’t recall the very first moment but as a young child I heard music playing and footsteps in the house, electronics would switch on and lights would flicker without any 3D explanation. Also, I remember thinking that I was on a very barbaric planet and that I didn’t feel that I belonged.

  1. Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie?

A big Aha moment for me was when I read the book “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton. It resonated very deeply with me and felt like the truth I had been searching for.

My favourite teacher is my connection with Spirit. Events, guidance and support at the most unexpected times have given me many aha moments. I’m not much of a movie watcher but I am drawn to the movies that are uplifting, where love and the human love connection overrides fear and violence.

  1. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?

I’ve had many experiences that may seem strange to most. However, what comes to mind today, is the time that I belonged to a mediumship group and I “saw” a young man that needed help. In describing him, someone at the circle said that was her nephew but he had not passed; he was alive and lived on a first nations reservation. The short explanation was that although I had never met him, I sent him remote channelled healing through the guidance of his spirit helpers over three occasions. His family have witnessed a remarkable change in his behaviour and demeanour, and he would like to meet me one day. I have never spoken with him except through a higher dimension.

  1. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?

I am an ordained minister registered in the province of Ontario, Canada providing nondenominational services.

  1. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?

I am here to help the lightworkers Remember WHO they are. I assist them to heal their wounds on an emotional, physical or mental level whether in this life or past. I help lightworkers develop and open to their spiritual gifts so that they may serve humanity. I am their coach and their cheerleader. Anyone who wishes to help others and has a strong connection to the God of their understanding through prayer or awareness is a Lightworker.

  1. What’s your favourite animal?

My favourite animal is my Russian Blue kitty, Mew. Throughout time, healers and intuitives have had a feline by their side.

  1. What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?

Every morning I connect with the Highest Point of Creation, the true Source Light. I bring this pillar of white light down through my chakras from my star chakra through my crown, continuing through the rest of my chakras down to my root and into the earth. Bringing the grounding energy of Mother Earth up through the bottom of my feet, I continue to spread it throughout my entire body. Next, I surround myself with protection against all negative influences. And finally, I set the intention for what I wish to tune in to. The exercise is to CONNECT, GOUND, PROTECT, before setting the INTENT.

  1. What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist?

When I need to be still and reflective, I love to listen to native wooden flute and drumming music and/or crystal bowl music. My favourite mainstream music are classic rock and pop songs from the 70’s. My absolute favourite song is One Fine Morning by Lighthouse. That really uplifts my Spirit!

  1. What’s your favourite food?

I love authentic Italian food; fresh salads with olive oil and homemade pasta and sauces.

  1. What excites your creative juices?

When I receive messages or downloads of higher dimensional knowledge from Spirit that I know will help others. I feel exlated when incorporating this information or direction, into personal healing sessions or group circles. Seeing the positive results in others is so gratifying, especially when I see them come into their “gifts” and their spiritual growth accelerates. During the process, I channel healing through light language, drum healing, messaging and hands on healing.

  1. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today?

I am here to guide others out of the chaos of the Great Awakening to help them REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE, enlightened and free sovereign beings capable of manifesting the lives of their dreams. I am available for one-on-one private remote healing sessions. During these sessions, healing is channelled through the white light to extract energetic blocks and to shift one’s energy into the positive, allowing them to move forward into living a life with more purpose and understanding. I am offering a one time 15% discount to any NFTS listener from a remote healing session when they mention NFTS.

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