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AUDIO MP3 #1 - OCTOBER 7/06 - Peruvian Shaman 'Bridge' Jorge Luis Delgado)

. Ever since May 2005 life has been different for NFTS Show Host Nicole Whitney and a special group of friends. That's when they experienced sacred sites in Peru by 'participating' in spiritual processes at each of them with Peruvian Shaman 'Bridge' Jorge Luis Delgado, former CIA remote viewer Dr David Morehouse and a special group of fellow advanced remote viewers who came together from all sides of the globe. Tonight Jorge travels from Peru to Vancouver B.C. Canada to join Nicole LIVE in the new West Coast studio for the first time to discuss the 'awakening' and Life After Peru further.

AUDIO MP3 #2 - August 25/06 - Amazing healing power and more with Dr Sharon Forrest

. A healer and medical intuitive since early childhood, Sharon Forrest's unique approach is seeped in both ancient wisdom, modern day science and the 'cutting edge' to heal physical ailments, psychological patterns and emotional wounds. Sharon's insightful wisdom is timeless and she lovingly supports participants to get much more than they came for in her sessions and workshops.  Get ready for transformation!


AUDIO MP3 #3 - "SCARY" Guy - August 5/06

. "Scary" is an Entertainer and "Agent For Change" who has worked with over 5 MILLION people around the world promoting peace, tolerance, love and acceptance OF ALL PEOPLE, through his mission of "Eliminating Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide". 'Scary' will be talking about positive ways to deflect negative energy in today's show.


AUDIO MP3 #4 - Judith Orloff on News for the Soul July 22/06

.Dr Judith Orloff - "energy psychiatry"... Introducing a psychiatrist who coined the term 'energy psychiatry' and hopes to transform the field of psychiatry into an awakened body of professionals who no longer see 'unseen realms' and spiritual experience as something outside of they definition of 'normal'. 


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AUDIO MP3 #5 - Satyen Raja [Warrior Sage] on NFTS JUNE 24/06

. SATURDAY JUNE 24th Live on 1320am & the web at noon pacific / 3pm Eastern (and 8pm pst on the web archive) Originally taped as a webcast with Satyen Raja & wife Suzanne, this show covers the importance of the divine feminine energy on the planet and how the balance of both energies is needed....


AUDIO MP3 #6 - Success Tracs / Peak Potentials -- T Harv Eker

T Harv Eker, Peak Potentials.Steve Keough, new executive director of Peak Potentials' Success Tracs program in Vancouver. NFTS founder & host Nicole Whitney attended ST for over 3 years while building News for the Soul's foundation. Find out more about this life changing coaching program today.


AUDIO MP3 #7 - HO'OPONOPONO with Dr Len!!!

.DR LEN returns to walk us thru Ho'oponopono and Nicole asks about Ho'opono-ing "the war" .. Dr Len has experienced amazing real world results with Ho'oponopono "curing" criminally insane patients in Hawaii State hospital in the 80s WITHOUT ANY THERAPY SESSIONS and only using Ho'oponopono ->


AUDIO MP3 #8 - Stuart Wilde on "The Shadow"

Stuart Wilde on the air...Stuart Wilde says there's only one way to truly feel "safe" in this world; to obliterate our "inner nazi"... Nicole Whitney interviews Stuart Wilde about The Shadow Self that lurks within us all... (Please note this one gets a PG rating for language...)


AUDIO MP3 #9 - Dannion Brinkley in Tampa Bay

.DANNION BRINKLEY is back! Best selling author of Saved by The Light, At Peace in the Light and Secrets of the Light and the man known for dieing and coming back to tell about it more times than anyone else would even want to ... Dannion is back to update us on what's new in the Dannion Brinkley world and beyond...

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AUDIO MP3 #10 - DAVID ICKE on the London Bombings

David IckeMONDAY JULY 11th - 8pm PST - David Icke shares his non-mainstream perspective on the London Bombings. David Icke is back with the most ground breaking interview since we first spoke to him during 9-11. More clues to the true nature of our reality may be about to be uncovered. Click the link below and prepare to see your world in a whole new way ... yet again.



AUDIO MP3 #11 "THE CD" on mp3 Our inspiring audio documentary about creating your dreams, overcoming 'incurable diseases' with the power of the mind and the true power we each have to create massive change!



highlights of news for the soulAUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD - Show highlights #1 - Inspired highlights of the early years on News for the Soul featuring Dr David Morehouse, Dannion Brinkley, David Icke, Stuart Wilde, Uri Geller, and many more!





This amazing hour of Life Changing Tv - the "video version of News for the Soul" - features a look into the world of Stuart Wilde and his version of the true nature of our reality, an interview on mind power with the 'godfather of affirmations' John Kehoe and an interview with amateur physicist John Hutchison who just may have stumbled upon the answer to levitation ('the Hutchison Effect"). Watch clips of other shows at www.lifechangingtv.com/mambo

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