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Testimonials Received From Current Long Term Show Hosts (received February 2024)

I am Deborah Leigh, host of the show Psychic Love Doctor: Deborah and Friends on Mondays at 6pm ET/3pm PT.News for the Soul has been offering my show for 7+ years.

It has been a rewarding and enriching experience working with Nicole and having the exposure to her vast audience eachweek. Her guidance is always top-notch and the opportunity working with her has been so rewarding. I plan to continue withNews for the Soul for many years to come. It’s an incredibly gratifying experience!

Deborah Leigh
Psychic Love Doctor
Mondays at 6pm ET/3pm PT.


I love being on NFTS! It’s my 11th year on the show and it’s been an amazing experience! Every week I get to talk to—or get letters—from people around the world.

The benefits of doing this show are you can really expand your audience. You can teach/expand upon ideas you know are true and find a global audience that resonates with your messaging. Whether it’s a few people outside a town, or a city full of people who are geared more towards your beliefs, the show can help guide your ideal clients in from wherever they are.

About Nicole: On our many years together, I have found Nicole Whitney to be one of the most phenomenal people I’ve ever met. She’s supportive, believes in the Truth and is very kind. As a result, it’s been as easy as it possibly can be, to keep my show as Truthful and Authentic as I can be.

Should you choose to embark on this journey, welcome to the family!
I sincerely hope this helps and that you have a great time!

Elle Tara
Enlightenment In The City
Thursdays at 3pm pacific

I’m in my sixth year now with New for the Soul. I thought long and hard about whether the investment was “worth” it, but I will tell you that it most certainly is! Not only does it give credibility to my business, because when you are a host on a radio show, it gets peoples attention, but it also gives me a wonderful platform to be of service.

There may be people who need my services, but can’t afford it or don’t understand or need more information and News  For The Soul gives them that. It is fulfilling to know that I can be of service to people and their animals! It also gives them the opportunity to hear how I work and what a session is like.

I have many people that call in as regulars on my show and I have people who have called in and then booked a private session. It’s a wonderful way to get your name, business and not only that, but your energy out. People like to hear our voices, to know what we’re all about and this platform gives you the opportunity to share that with thousands of people!

I truly look forward to my show every month!

Rose Proud –
Certified Animal Communicator

4th Thursday of the Month at 2pm PST

I have been a host on NFTS since 2021. During that time I have grown as a public speaker and healer. This life changing experience has helped me to gain clarity and focus of my message and interactions in the world. It has both validated my personal path as well as open up connections with listeners that I would likely have been unable to attain. Nicole’s guidance has also been instrumental in supporting my journey. I am forever grateful!

Brenda Davis Matz

Connected Living on NFTS

2nd & 4th Thursdays at 11am PST


Air Time Opportunities on News for the Soul – Life Changing Talk Radio Since January 1997

ALL REGULAR SHOWS ARE OFFERED BY PRIVATE INVITE ONLY: Originally a weekly hour on CFUN Radio in BC Canada [and a Canadian “positive news newspaper” before that, News for the Soul expanded its airtime schedule over the years into a daily global network featuring life changing interviews and ongoing series with special experts in respective fields of consciousness, healing work and beyond.

If you are interested in Having Your Own Radio Show on NFTS, these spots are available by private invite from producer / founder / host Nicole Marie Whitney only.  If YOU or someone you know should be on the air here PLEASE EMAIL Nicole asap!

PLEASE EMAIL NICOLE with your inquiries, suggestions or ideas by clicking here.

The News for the Soul Core Values:
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Find us by searching for ‘News for the Soul’ on Aha Radio here:

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