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Political Corruption Connections to Covid 


by Dr Holly

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Medicine, especially covid, has been charged with becoming too politicized…but let’s look at it from a different perspective.

I am a Canadian and like many around the world, I was watching the US election campaigns and election. We were in Mexico for the month of October, and we were amazed at the amount of distortion and corruption that could be seen in just one election…

Not only a huge amount of information missing from the general news, but outright distortion of the news during the campaign.

When it came to the election, apparently the Americans have a capacity to vote from the grave…pretty impressive. And apparently people living in more than one place at a time and being able to vote in both places – in India that would be called “bilocation” – something that Americans tend to mock, but in the case of voting more than once rather illegal. Or how about some people getting 2,3 even four ballots to vote with – hmmmm. Never mind computer programs that switch the voted parties; to ballots being brought in from other states; and the list goes on and on.

What is perhaps, just as criminal, is that 90% of the media in the North America is owned by 6 corporations who apparently are democrats!!!

Wow!!! No wonder Trump got slammed and Biden got supported by the media.

We were in Mexico while all the campaigning was going on and we were hugely surprised by a number of issues:

  • All the information that came out about the international corruption within the Biden family was only presented on Fox News….hmmm
  • Never mind the fact that Obama and Clinton and umpteen others are also hugely involved
  • Or was that just the UBS investigation that Obama put Clinton in charge of – who closed the case and protected over 9000 people/corporations from being charged for illegal financial activities…hmmm
  • The fact that the FBI had the Bidon laptop information during the attempt to impeach Trump and they never did anything with it….hmmm
  • That Rudy Giuliani took three months to validate the information and then brought it forth and it was negated as Russian manipulation….hmmm  We had to laugh, was the impeachment charge of Russian interference with the last Trump election really a coverup for the Democrat involvement in a huge number of other illegal issues…hmmm
  • That Google, Twitter and Facebook actually had the ability to impact the mindset of the American people with what was very obviously social media filtering…hmmm

We did have to laugh at the thousands that turned up for the Trump rallies versus the incredibly few that turned out for the incredibly few Biden rallies. Hmmmm….again.

And that was another thing, in what universe does a president candidate hide away during an election – and nobody on the general media was discussing it. We couldn’t believe the job that Trump did – three rallies in a day, everyday?? Pretty awesome considering he was supposed to have had covid and is over the age of 70!!! That in and of itself should have said something about covid….

So why am I discussing this on a medical show? Well let’s look at some of the similarities between the political campaign news and covid news…

  • I am sure you are already aware that many of the “REAL Science” articles, YouTubes, etc are taken down by Goggle, Facebook, Twitter – just like with the campaigns – if it doesn’t suit their needs or their propaganda – they eliminate it
  • I am sure you are aware of how much information regarding covid, is taken out of context and distorted for the purpose of fear mongering. For instance, everybody said that covid was the number one election issue – but I didn’t hear very many explain the real covid news. No one addressed the fact that the CDC came out in September and said that less than 6% of the acclaimed covid deaths were actually covid deaths.  No one explained the huge difference between dying with covid and dying from covid.
  • Nobody even discussed how hospitals are pressured to admit people WITH covid regardless of how or why they come in.
  • When it comes to accurately presenting information, that means covering a huge host of issues. For instance, why wasn’t it acknowledged that Trump has been nominated three times for his international work? Just like, why wasn’t it presented that like with any other flu, the real statistics show that 92-98% of those who die from the flu are over the age of 70 and have two or more pre-existing conditions? Missed information has a huge impact.
  • Nobody explained that there will be a natural increase in covid/flu diagnoses due to the increased number of diagnostic testing – we don’t normally do this kind of huge testing, and consequently don’t usually have this number of diagnosed – but wait, the numbers this year are not even as high as they were in 2017???? Even with the testing…oh dear.
  • Why didn’t the general news explain that thanks to Trump, all the minorities groups had a significant increase in job opportunities and standard of living prior to covid? I couldn’t find any other government that could claim that!!!
  • Yes, covid disrupted everything…but there was a list of some 25 achievements that Trump accomplished that were never discussed…why? The only person I heard explaining that was VP Pence on a Fox News interview. Thought he did a great job. But I still went and researched it and geez, he was right…imagine that. Yet not one other news broadcast mentioned it.
  • Secondly, nobody explained how erroneous the PCR testing is and how the magnified RNA used in the PCR testing is in most of us already thereby contributing to a huge number of false positives
  • Thirdly, nobody explained the fact that the natural flu cycles increase in different areas due to temperature and other variables – for a really good simply explained analysis go to :  Ivor Cummins provides a beautiful series of explanations with graphs – that make it easy to understand – for the regular flus caused annually by the coronaviruses and the retroviruses; the regular numbers; how we still haven’t reached pandemic levels; etc. The analyses he provides are provided by a number of different researchers, scientists, etc.
  • Fourthly, many hospitals do repeated covid testing during the patient’s stay and each test is recorded as a separate case, even though it is the same person…why would this be done??
  • Nobody seemed to talk about the fact that the low poverty levels; the high covid diagnoses; and the violent rally activity all happened in the democratic states – why not???

What needs to be questioned, is why the news is allowed to be so biased. I thought journalism was supposed to be impartial. Report the facts. What we are seeing with both covid and the campaign and the election is that the news distorts reality!! And unless you are aware of the fact that 90% of the media is owned by 6 corporations who all tend to be democrats and that they bias the news accordingly, you just don’t get to hear the real information.

The media has a tremendous impact on the general populous and thus it has a huge impact on how people think. Isn’t that communist or fascist control of the information. How do we stand up and correct this?

But, hey, wait…when it comes to the medical and health of a nation…isn’t it just as corrupt?

If we have free speech, then why are google, YouTube and twitter allowed to take down whatever they want…and from my perspective…they take down the truth and allow all the misinformation to be maintained…although they claim the opposite.

I have learned to take anything presented on the general news programs with a “grain of salt”. I go to alternative news. I look at the history of the journalists on the alternative sites. I look at whether they are presenting opinions or the facts. If they present opinions, do they come at it from a number of different perspectives. When they present facts, are they taking the facts out of context, distorting them or are they accurately presenting them.

As a consumer of news, we could say you have the responsibility to look at the sources from which you gain your information. Do you listen simply because you agree with what is being said? Or do you actually look at the sources and determine to what extent the sources are accurately presenting information.

Like with medicine. We need to be careful with what we see and read. We all know that just because it is written or on the news or on the internet or whatever media you use, does not guarantee that it is accurate.

Upper cognitive management skills, i.e., intellect, involves the capacity for critical analysis, abstract reasoning and objective perspective. Make sure you use these capacities and don’t just allow your beliefs, whether it be about health or politics or anything else, to be directed by someone else/agency/corporation who has their interests at heart, rather than yours.

Sources for alternative news that you might want to look at include:

  • EpochTimes
  • Rebel News
  • Global Research
  • The Associated Press
  • Reuters
  • Fox News – although definitely more Republican biased, always has both sides
  • Jason Goodman

There are many others, but if you are interested, this might be a good starting place.

Now lets address a few other issues – like scientists and why there is controversy

  • Number of articles for their CV
  • Who is funding them
  • What information they are looking at
  • How solid is the information
    • New information changes rapidly
  • Vaccinations – usually 5-7 yrs
  • Already patented…
  • In fact…
  • So what we need to look at is why the lock downs, why the masks, why the vaccinations
  • What is the underlying agenda


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