Blind Toddler May Be Music Genius

Last Update: November 9, 2014 at 8:37 pm

SOURCE: Orange Co Uk

A blind toddler is being hailed a musical genius for his keyboard renditions of classical music by the likes of Tchaikovsky and Wagner.

Three-year-old Branko Dvorecky, from Ivanka pro Dunaji near the Slovak capital Bratislava, started playing after learning the Duck Tales TV theme tune by ear.

Just one year on Branko, who was born blind and has never had a piano lesson, has moved on to pop songs and excerpts from classical works such as Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde and Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

Proud mum Elena, 35, said: “Branko is a gift of God. When I first found out he was blind I was terribly sad and a little bit angry. But now I think he is a real treasure.

“When he was a baby he used to love playing with musical toys and would often just hit the keys on our old synth.

“Then he started to listen to classical music and loved it so much he began to learn the notes. He can only say a few words and yet he can play Bach.”

Branko’s dad Martin, 37, said: “What is amazing is that he has never had any lessons. He just started playing and now he seems to just know where the right keys are.

“Sometimes he hits a dud note or two, but he’s already better than me and I’ve been trying to learn for about 10 years.”

Neighbour Ladislav Chylek, 33, said: “When I first heard the music coming through the window I thought Martin had finally learnt to play.

“But when I found out it was actually little Branko I was stunned. He’s a true musical prodigy, a true little Mozart.”

Local music teacher Kristyna Kolarova added: “It is extremely rare to find such talent in someone who is so young and who is also blind. It is truly remarkable.”