Covid  and The Elections  – is there a parallel? Part 2. by Dr Holly

Last Update: December 2, 2020 at 8:29 pm

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Date:  Dec 2, 2020


Covid  and The Elections  – is there a parallel? Part 2.


by Dr Holly

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Well we have been through the covid journey for the last 9 months – now into our 10 th month.
And we have seen the American campaign and election for the last several months.

A few weeks ago, we looked at the parallel in reporting / journalistic patterns between the two. Let’s
look at the parallel again, from a different perspective.

There has been a huge amount of “deletion” from much of the mainstream media. For example, they
are well recognized now for failing to report important information.

– The mainstream media failed to cover all the information from Hunter’s laptop; despite the FBI,
Homeland Security, etc. saying it was true

– Or they failed to acknowledge that Trump has now been nominated three times for his
international accomplishments – holy cow, I had no idea

– Or they failed to report that he had increased both employment and subsequently standard of
living for all the different minority groups, i.e., Hispanic, Afro-Americans, Asian, etc – that’s

– Or they failed to report that prior to the whole covid journey, he had created the lowest
standard unemployment record of any government – I never heard about that
– Likewise with covid, they failed to look at the real science; they failed to look at the 48K
scientists, researchers and physicians from around the world who sent studies and
documentation and letters to the WHO explaining that the masks and lockdowns were more of
a detriment than a benefit in terms of physical health, never mind all the other issues they
caused. Further, they failed to cover the fact that even the WHO – whom I don’t have a lot of
faith in anymore – recognized that both wearing masks and lockdowns were more detrimental
than beneficial – oh dear

They are also well known now for distorting the information.
– They claimed that laptop information was somehow due to the Russians attempting to
intervene – the poor Russians, they get blamed for a lot

– They go big reporting even the smallest issues with Trump but totally miss the big stuff with

– Likewise with covid – they tell you the actual raw numbers of diagnose but forget to put it into
context. For example, they claim that hundreds of thousands are diagnosed with covid – but fail
to tell you the numbers are normal flu numbers or that the coronavirus (and retroviruses) have
been known to cause the flu for decades and have been in the medical pathology texts for eons
or that the numbers from 2019 or 2000 or or or were way higher and we never had to have
masks or lockdowns for those time periods. What about the death numbers – they love to tell
us how many have died – oh that should scare you – unless they also tell you that there is a
significant different between dying with covid versus dying from covid.

– They also love to distort the information about the PCR testing. Let’s see…1) PCR testing was
meant for research not for clinical diagnosis. 2) PCR testing has a 90% false positive rate. 3) PCR
testing will pick up even dead nucleotides. 4) PCR testing done properly takes a few laboratory
days and still does not determine the pathogenic load which is hugely important when
determining whether the virus is of any importance.