‘Doing My Duty’: Rajasthan Cop Hailed For Rescuing Child During Karauli Violence

Last Update: April 6, 2022 at 6:33 pm

SOURCE The Logical Indian

DATE April 5/22


‘Doing My Duty’: Rajasthan Cop Hailed For Rescuing Child During Karauli Violence


Netresh Sharma rescued an infant amidst the violence in Rajasthan’s Karauli after communal violence broke out on the occasion of the Hindu New Year.

A police constable named Netresh Sharma has been hailed as a hero online recently. The Rajasthan cop rescued a child during the communal violence in Karauli that broke out on the weekend. A picture of him doing so has gone viral and is being shared by users that are lauding his courage and determination to rescue the citizens amidst the violence. The clash erupted in the district on the occasion of Hindu New Year when a bike rally passed through a Muslim-dominated area. Soon after, the miscreants started to pelt stones at the riders as they reached close to a mosque. “This resulted in arson from the other end too in which a few two-wheelers and shops were torched. The situation is under control now and police personnel have been deployed,” the area’s ADG told The Indian Express. Hero In Khaki According to NDTV, Sharma was providing protection during the bike rally when the violence broke out in the area. As the stone-pelting intensified, he started to help people who were stranded on the road. “I suddenly saw a house in the middle of two shops that were burning with two-three women trapped inside. One of them had a child in her arms. As soon as I saw that scene, I rushed into the house. The flames were closing in on the door. The women begged me to help and I told them to give me the child who was already wrapped in a shawl. I took the child in my arms and I told the mother and the other women in the house to run out behind me,” he told the news publication.