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** To be clear – this article is NOT being presented as a ‘political diatribe’ or meant to be inferred as political support for Clinton either. To assume either of those points is to miss the entire point which is about being conscious of where we focus and how ALL of us collectively are able to create a better world that doesn’t involve half the planet being terrified about what someone in a powerful position can do to negatively affect all of our lives.  And I via NFTS am simply doing my part to help as I’ve done for nearly 2 decades to provide FREE resources to help all listeners feel calmer, more balanced and focused in a good way.




Posted 11-11-2016:


In Deepak Chopra’s own words earlier this year,

specifically referring to Donald Trump:


We Defeat The Shadow By Bringing In The Light



It is time.


As some of you already know, I intuited what the outcome of this week’s

U.S. election was going to be about a year ago, and spent most of the year

hoping I was wrong. And even that inner knowing has not made managing

the aftermath of energies any easier – akin to comparing the difference

between reading about pregnancy and actually giving birth.


The difference is ‘Uuuuuuge’.   (sorry – couldn’t resist).


So here we are.   No matter the current appearance, the bottom line is the

changing times are now here. We are evolving on the mainstream level and have

the opportunity to upgrade our perceptions and way of life in hopes of a truly better



Dress rehearsal is over and it’s time to employ all that we’ve theorized,

developed, honed and pontificated upon over the past two decades on NFTS.


What we focus on expands.


I wasn’t bending spoons for sheer entertainment all these years.

I was reminding myself that mind over matter is real.

What we think PHYSICALLY alters MATTER.  For real.


SO Let’s focus on that light and light the crap out of this world.


We got this.

Let’s get started.


Here’s the latest free as always 24/7 support and resources here for you at News for the Soul.


PROCESSING:  the first step…

Our first interview on the day of the election results was a dramatic emotionally moving example of how we have access to magical transformation in the most extreme challenging moments if we surrender to spirit and create absolute magic. Listen to the first hour of this amazing two part introduction to Jania Aeobi’s story here:



HEALING: in mind body and soul…

Today 11-11 on NFTS we brought theta healing to the air waves with Casey Campbell, broadcasting from the heart of New York.  Tune in for the healing and theta belief downloads here:



CLEARING: removing the negative charge…

Tune in at NOON PST / 3PM EST this Monday for an epic EFT (emotional freedom technique) Clearing session with EFT Wizard BRAD YATES –



CREATING: focusing and creating what we want…

We have recently archived a plethora of meditations, processes and presentations helping listeners get clear and focused and into ‘manifesting’ mode.   All the archives begin here:




I am also in the process of coordinating interviews with some of our NFTS favourites for support, guidance and inspiration in this challenging time including the likes of Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr Deepak Chopra, David Icke, BASHAR and more. And you can here my recent conversation with the one and only Dannion Brinkley HERE:



So at this point our mission appears to be bring in the light rather than activate

or react to the dark. The shocking displays of hate and racism we have seen in

recent months have always been there – they have just been exposed.

Better out than in as they say –like a cleanse. While we may be going to

feel like crap for a while, we’ll stay the course to feel amazing down the road.


And we are not alone.






… with light …




Nicole Marie Whitney


News for the Soul Radio]