George Bush hints he sneaked a look at American UFO files in Jimmy Kimmel interview

Last Update: June 20, 2018 at 12:09 pm

SOURCE;  The Sun

March 8, 2017


UFO hunters believe George Bush knew more than he was letting on when he dodged a question about secret government alien files.

The former US President appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his new book Portraits of Courage but he remained tight-lipped when Kimmel asked him about UFOs.


Kimmel said: “This is a question I think is very important to me and very important to the country.

“When you were in office – and I don’t know when this ever or if it happened – did you go through the secret files, the UFO documents? Because if I was president that would be the first thing I did.”

But instead of laughing off the question or branding Kimmel a crackpot, the former US leader replied: “Maybe.”

He then went on to reveal his daughters Barbara and Jenna asked him the same question when he served as the 43rd President of the United States but he couldn’t tell them anything.

Kimmel then asked the former Texas governor if he could do anything he wanted now he had left the Oval office.

Bush replied: “True, yeah, but I’m not telling you.”

Probing deeper, Kimmel asked Bush if there were “great secrets” he couldn’t talk about even if he was 90 on his death bed. Shaking his head, Bush said ‘No’.


Kimmel then joked: “What if you were to get a little loopy, you know, you get old…” before Bush quips: “Start drinking again…” as Kimmel points to his co-host saying: “Let’s get some tequila.”

Bush, whose dad was also US president and a former director of the CIA, is one of three former presidents and a presidential hopeful to go on Kimmel to discuss the UFO topic.

Some researchers in Britain and the US believe it is part of an on-going indoctrination programme to prepare the public for an announcement about alien life by NASA or a world leader.

Gary Heseltine, a retired police detective who probed the London 7/7 bombings and is now the editor of UFO Truth ezine, told The Sun: “George Bush answered several consecutive questions about UFOs on the Kimmel show and his body language spoke volumes.

“Despite his smiles he gave short specific answers that clearly the subject was anything but a joke. He knew the truth but could not reveal it.”