Healing poem for highly sensitive spiritual entrepreneurs by NFTS host Annie Massop

Last Update: June 20, 2018 at 10:33 am

Healing poem for highly sensitive spiritual entrepreneurs

by NFTS host Annie Massop


As a child, you felt different

You didn’t know what it was

You were often sad and alone

Even though you did your best

Don’t dream like that, you often heard

Think before you do anything, they said

So you started to think more

And adapted to what was expected of you


When you were grown up

You got into trouble

Perhaps you even got a burnout

Many problems came on your way

Until you really couldn’t go any further


You were looking for solutions

You started to follow intuitive pieces of training

You found out, the way I did things is not my path

You said to yourself:

I can listen to my feelings

I allow myself to use my intuition

I can dream

I am allowed to play

I can do it my way

It is good the way I am


Now you have become a spiritual entrepreneur

Yet sometimes you feel that little unfortunate child again


I am telling you:

That is no longer necessary!

You are very valuable to the people around you

Very valuable to your clients

Value yourself

Even though you are different from most people

The world needs healers like you


Know that you are a healer

With your sensitivity

You bring softness to the world

People can be themselves with you

Which makes their lives and the lives of the people around them a better.


Dare to shine

Dare to sparkle

Show your light to the world

Allow yourself to be seen


You are fantastic as you are!


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