Know what you really want to achieve it by Jania

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DATE:   Dec 5, 2018


Know what you really want to achieve it

An article by NFTS Host Jania Aebi


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That’s a statement that most of us would reject out of hand, as untrue. But do we really know what we want? Yes, you will say, of course I do! I want a new car, an amazing loving relationship with the partner of my dreams, I want a healthy and beautiful body, or a bigger house, I want financial abundance!

Those are not true desires, that’s wishful thinking from an identification with only the body, when in Truth, you are an eternal infinite spiritual being, and your journey in this world is for the purpose of becoming, in consciousness, all that your soul already is vibrationally, so as to express love, peace, joy and harmony into physicality.

You sometimes do manifest a new car, a loving partner or a bigger house – but does it ever last? A new car becomes old, a loving partner cheats on you or leaves you, and soon that bigger house is not enough, without a swimming-pool or a tennis court.

Have you ever asked yourself why you want the things you want? What do you really want? Why do you want that bigger house?

Maybe, so the kids can have each their own bedroom? Why?
So they stop fighting each other all the time!Why?
So that you can have some peace, quiet and happiness when you come back home.
What you really want is peace, quiet and happiness, not a bigger house. Your kids might still be fighting in that new house.

With every material thing you want, whether it’s health, wealth or a partner, keep asking why? until you get down to some intangible quality of your soul, like peace, joy, power, love, confidence, harmony, beauty. Then, instead of thinking about the physical object you think will bring you joy, start feeling the emotion you would feel if you had that object. Happy, joyful, even elated – and most likely, really grateful.

Become attached to those feelings, letting go of the picture. Because what you are really after, are those feelings; if you could feel that way all the time, you wouldn’t really care whether you had that house or that partner. It would be really nice to have them, but your happiness is no longer dependent on those things.

When we are focused on a particular object we want, we lose sight of all the other good things that appear in our life. We think our life is terrible, because that one thing we have wanted for years is still not here; we don’t see all the other good things that have appeared in our life.

Take the time to notice and be thankful for all those little things you have, rather than focusing on the one thing that’s not there, and notice how much happier you feel. By consistently focusing on what’s good, what’s working, and feeling appreciation and gratitude for it you are aligning with what Divinity is; and your conditions will have to, over time, reflect your new mindset.

That is 100% within our ability to do, regardless of external circumstances. It doesn’t take money, time, a healthy body or a loving partner to achieve a state of mind where you are at peace, harmonious and filled with joy; all it takes is a firm decision and congruent action.


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