Photographer captures Red Arrows passing ‘UFO’ during King Charles’ Coronation

Last Update: May 9, 2023 at 1:20 pm

SOURCE: Sunday World

DATE: May 9th, 2023



Photographer captures Red Arrows passing ‘UFO’ during King Charles’ Coronation



“It looked like a floating acorn or something.”

Charles and Camilla

UAP above RAF (Image: Simon Balson)


An amateur photographer has captured an image of an unidentified flying object hovering above eight RAF jets during the Coronation of King Charles in London at the weekend.

Simon Balson, 59, was taking pictures of the Red Arrows aerial display when he spotted the unusual object.

“I enhanced the image and tried to increase the spec to see what it was, it looks like a floating acorn or something,” Mr Balson said.


Due to bad weather, Simon didn’t check the photos until Monday when he spotted the unusual object in one frame. He gave Wales Online a detailed description of what happened on the day.

“I was shooting some photos from the 13th floor of my apartment building in Limehouse while the red arrows did their fly-over.

“The weather was bad so there were no birds in the air, and I couldn’t really see the planes so I didn’t check the photos until later. When I did though I spotted this weird object and just thought ‘what the hell is that’?”

Mr Balson had no idea what the object was but said there have been a “lot of unexplained sightings” recently in the area.

The Red Arrows aircraft were flying towards the Mall in London when the slightly red coloured object appeared.

“All I could get is that it had a little bit of a red top, but I just have no idea what it could be.

“There have been lots of strange ‘UFO’ sightings recently, so I thought other people might be able to guess what it was,” Simon added.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon have become common news stories worldwide since 2017.

That year, the Pentagon was forced to admit the objects are real, after three videos were leaked and a secret programme – AATIP – or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme came to light.

US President, Joe Biden, recently signed into law legislation which will allow service personnel – who have worked on secret programmes related to UAP- to testify freely to Congress.

UAP programmes within the US Air Force have been historically deemed ‘special access programmes’ or SAPs, requiring high levels of security clearance and as such, are shrouded in secrecy.


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