Twitter Fairies Bringing Magical Kindness

Last Update: November 9, 2014 at 8:52 pm


A mystery Twitter account has appeared documenting magical acts of kindness across the country.

The account, called @thetwofairies , has reportedly been delighting random people with gift baskets, flowers and even bringing snow to a Cornish school.

A series of mysterious tweets kicked the account off, promising magical fun and speaking entirely in rhyme.

Over the weekend, people started reporting gifts had been mysteriously delivered in response to wishes made on Twitter – seemingly within a matter of hours.

One Twitter user received a box of tea, sweets and chocolate, while another, who said she could do with some pampering, was delivered a bag of cosmetics.

Then, Christmas came early for a school in Cornwall, as pupils arrived to find it covered in snow.

Landewednack primary school rarely looks wintry, being at the most southerly tip of the UK, where the air is too salty for snow.

But delighted schoolkids arrived to find a magical covering of (fake) frost, just in time to start their winter projects.

Louise Jones, the school’s headteacher said: “It’s a big surprise. Our school is the most southerly in the country and the air is very salty so we never get snow.

“Some of the younger children have never seen snow but this is the real thing – you can even throw snow balls.”

Next, the fairies fulfilled a promise made on Twitter to visit the north east when two fairies were spotted apparently flying above the River Tyne in Newcastle.

Watch the video at: The identity of the Fairies remains a mystery, but there’s speculation it’s part of major retailer’s Christmas promotional campaign.