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Angies Intuition - Angies Intuition March 13, 2020 TODAY: Angie Interviews Carolyn Colling

March 13, 2020
with Angie Bell

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TODAY:  Angie Interviews Carolyn Colling – a Practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy For 30 years, I have been connecting people with their loved ones who have passed, as well with their Guides and Angels.  While being guided on my own personal journey, I began to share and teach how to connect to self, to Spirit, and the Universe. Giving my friends, family and clients tools to work and grow with on their own healing journey.   In every job or position, I created wonderful relationships with co-workers and it was only a matter of time before I was sharing my nights and weekends with people yearning to speak and reconnect with a family member or friend who had passed.  Finding myself giving guidance and the tools for their own spiritual growth, I began to believe Spirit was setting me up for a big decision in my future.   It was easy to feel safe when people came to me for readings.  They would either be referred or heard of me through a friend or family member.  It was coming very clear I needed to make a decision and face my fears of judgment, to be seen and that old one, failure (turns out it was the fear of success). With the incredible support and encouragement of my husband and best friend Darin, he said you know its time, now or never! That push that made me say “Yes” now is the time to serve and share my light as it is my life’s purpose.  I made the transition in March 2015 to leave the corporate floor and put my trust in the Universe, trusted in Spirit and the Divine and trusted in my own intuition that all would fall into place.  Divine surrender, just letting go in a big way!  What made this decision easier was by reflecting on the hundreds of people who have found my door or phone number searching for a connection to someone they loved and lost or  healing and spiritual counselling.  At the end of a session they’d leaving with a sense of joy, peace and clearer direction. I have seen incredible reading transformations and growth in so many that have had a seat at my table; it is an honour and humbling to be apart of moments like this. Healing has happened right in front of my eyes and this is one of the greatest motivations that I had to leaving the traditional work world into the Spiritual work world.  To be able to share messages of love, to have conversations with Spirit and give guidance from the Angels is a not only a gift but a blessing to be shared.   What I believe in, of course, Angels and Spirits but also everything happens for a reason.  I’m the kinda girl who believes the cup is half- full and that you must be mindful of what you ask for as the Universal is listening and will provide just that.  I believe that we all go through good and difficult situations, and its not the situation that defines us but how we handle or react to what has happened.  I believe there is good in all of us, I see myself in others which makes it easier to connect and find compassion and kindness. I believe words are powerful, taking action is empowering and failure is just another opportunity to try again as something better is on its way.  I believe we can play the big part in healing our mind, body and soul. I believe… in love.  I believe be who you are and keeping true to yourself. I believe in being grounded.  I believe in possibilities, dreaming is a beautiful thing and a must.  I believe in daily gratitudes and appreciate what I have now.  This life has so much to offer, we are a magnet for what we desire.     

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