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Awaken Heal Inspire - Awaken Heal Inspire with Patricia – Dec 15/22 – TODAY: Call in for energy healing

December 15, 2022
with Patricia Anderson

1pm pacific:

Awaken Heal Inspire with Patricia on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1pm Pacific

TODAY:  Call in for energy healing  (646) 595 4274

As a Naam Yoga Therapist, Shakti Naam Yoga Instructor and Harmonyum Healing System Practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor,  I share Self Healing techniques that I have studied, experienced, taught and perfected for decades. I assist people to reach their health, wealth and relationship goals by healing their sense of self. Our sense of self is a series of subconscious programs at the basis of loves each moment, each day. When we reach further we receive subconscious energy feedback. How is it going right now? Often the majority of our energy is tied up in subconscious memories leaving only a small amount of energy available to reach goals each day. One session reviewing your Family Dynamics Life Blueprint and energy practice clears up old cell memory quickly in your relationship with your family roots giving you far more creative energy for your life work, your current or future partnerships of any kind. This creates a strong emotional/mental/spiritual foundation that we missed in our upbringing based in ancient, tried and proven wisdom we use in Shakti Naam Yoga – the Yoga Immortality and Harmonyum Healing System.  SEE PROFILE >>  

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