Awakening Divine Connections with Awakening Divine Connections

Awakening Divine Connections - Awakening Divine Connections with David & Debra – July 15/22 Life-Event-Driven Divine Guidance

July 15/22
with David and Debra

10am pacific


Join David and Debra on their “Awakening Divine Connections” show

Our mission is to help you find and connect with your spiritual nature and Divine essence so that you may be directly guided in your own spiritual life – to find what is true for you and your relationship to the Divine.  We use the word Divine to describe any aspect of what people call God, whether that be The Father, The Mother, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, Brahman and so on.  Awakening Divine Connections radio show is a diverse program that includes Talks, Q & A Sessions, Intuitive Readings, Sound Showers/Healing, Meditations and Guest Speakers.  Additional content will be added as we are guided and grow.
If you are unable to be with us for our live show, click on the Archives tab and select the show you would like to listen to. Show Theme:  Life-Event-Driven Divine Guidance Quote:  “They will do their best to guide us on our higher lifepath regardless of whether we can hear them.” On today’s show we will be talking about how to become aware of what our Divine Guidance is by taking a deeper look at the events happening in our life. Wouldn’t now be a good time to receive some helpful direction from our higher guidance team? It’s there!  However, it can be hard to hear through the din and clamor of our times.  The world is a wild ride right now! Since the events of our lifepath (Life Plan) are going to unfold naturally regardless of whether we know what they are, we can look at those events and become aware of what our spiritual guidance is so we can better know what to do.

And tune in for the Life-Event-Driven Divine Guidance Meditation in the last section of the show.

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