Becoming Love with Becoming Love

Becoming Love - Becoming Love with Nicola Van Dyke June 24th: Live free of fears and anxieties

June 24, 2020
with Nicola Van Dyke

10am pacific:

Becoming Love with Nicola Van Dyke from Ireland …

TODAY:  For the show on June 24th I will be talking about Everyday fears and anxieties: How to clear them and live free from them so you can feel that you are, ‘okay’ which is a lovely safe feeling that increases self-love.
The show will follow a similar format to the others with a discussion, some group healing sent out and a lovely meditation.

Becoming Love with Nicola van Dyke – Alternate Wednesdays on News for the Soul at 10AM PST   – An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from the UK since October 18th, 2017 – Nicola van Dyke is a certified Life Coach & Theta Healer who is passionate about showing people how to love each other, themselves, their life and this beautiful universe we exist within, As an intuitive mentor and ThetaHealer®, she supports people worldwide to make changes to their lives and is committed to assisting people in becoming their authentic selves, and co-creating the life they wish for and deserve. Nicola specialises in guiding people on a journey of self-acceptance, self-wisdom and Becoming Love ™ . Nicola also uses an emotional release technique and Crystal Viewing healing to help clients and students move forward without negative emotions blocking them, so they can experience a profound journeying experience. Nicola’s work in Becoming Love ™ guides people to a greater understanding of the concept of reverence for themselves and others, through meditation, deep healing work and practical exercises. For healers, her mentorship programme, SoulFree, supports, inspires and encourages individuals to reach their highest potential in their psychic and healing abilities; to become successful, happy and abundant.

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