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Bliss Energy Healing - Bliss Energy Healing with Rose Morro – Jan28-17

Jan 28, 2017
with Rose Morro

Bliss Energy Healing with Rose Morro – Saturdays 9am PST / NOON EST on NFTS beginning January 21, 2016BASED IN THE USA & AN NFTS GLOBAL LUMINARY SINCE JANUARY 2017 – is a teacher, mother and an energy healing practitioner who was certified in The Emotion Code in 2013 and The Body Code in 2014 with the intention to help people regain emotional and physical health and to clear hidden blocks to achieve success. With T3 Rose discovered the amazing possibility of going even deeper to release limiting beliefs and programs buried in the subconscious and to replace them with an empowering core belief system. T3 promotes balance and the natural flow of energy in the body, thereby reducing stress, and increasing joy and happiness. I became a certified T3 practitioner in 2016. “Using each of these systems interchangeably has unstuck my life and has allowed me to finally let go of the past and to forgive. Releasing trapped emotions and hidden limiting beliefs in the subconscious have opened the door to peace and happiness within. I now truly see my own value.”

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