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TheCanadian Healing Medium - Canadian Healing Medium with Jeffrey Saunders – GUEST: Kady Romagnuolo

August 9th, 2022
with Jeffrey Saunders

Tuesday August 9th, 2022:

2pm pacific


The Canadian Healing Medium with Jeffrey Saunders on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm pacific 

TODAY: Healing Our Way Back to Empowerment with Kady Romagnuolo (roman- yo- lo)

Kady will be sharing on how she was made to feel she couldn't do anything right.  As a child her spiritual gifts were made to be shut down from religious programing  And how she found her way back to empowerment being the truth of who she is today from her healing journey.  Sharing on how she is using her inner gifts and giving back to others today.

Then I will be doing a live mass healing for those listening who went through similar experiences as a child where they maybe held back today.


About Jeffrey Saunders

Divine Light Master, Healer, Online and #1 International Best Selling Co-Author, Jeffrey Saunders, as a child lived through sexual, physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse.
Jeffrey then suffered throughout his life with the diagnosis of 5 mental health illnesses,12 past suicide attempts starting at the age of 12, and a near death experience at the age of 40. He then came back with being gifted to see the energies that are always around us that are invisible to the human eye. Jeffrey is freed from all suffering that he once had of not feeling worthy or good enough, having zero mental health illnesses, and choosing to give back to those who reach out to him for his video call sessions from those around the world. Today he is using and teaching the higher frequencies of energies to heal people globally with the use of Divine Light Energy and Christ Energy, all through his video calling.

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