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Clear Directions - Clear Directions with Monika Aug 25/21 – The Self-Healing Dalian Method

August 25/21
with Monika Becker

11am pacific:


Clear Directions with Monika at 11am PST on the 4th Wednesday of the Month  …. 

TODAY:  "The Self-Healing Dalian Method – a leading-edge tool to strengthen your leadership in life"

  About Monika: These are my current most important values that guide me in running my business and living my life in general. I will revisit and tweak them from time to time, since our values do change as we evolve. In any case, I invite you to hold me accountable to them if you ever notice that my behaviour is not in alignment with them. Integrity: I am honest to others and myself; I do what I say I do and I always strive to do “the right thing”. Clarity: Through my words and actions I bring transparency, accuracy and clear guidance to any life and business situation, and I always endeavour to help people understand themselves and each other. Possibility: I approach life with an open mind and a “glass half full” attitude. I always do my best to see, find or create opportunities and win-win solutions. Ease: I make interactions as simple as possible and create experiences of effortlessness, for others and myself. Kindness: I treat others and myself with compassion, patience and thoughtfulness. I easily smile at other people and help them; my interactions are rooted in an attitude of love and acceptance.

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