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Clear Directions - Clear Directions with Monika Becker Nov 25, 2020 – A conversation about leadership…

November 25, 2020
with Monika Becker

11am pacific:

Clear Directions with Monika at 11am PST on the 4th Wednesday of the Month  ….

Today: “Slave or Master? A conversation about leadership, its pains, traps, and possibilities” featuring Leela Haris, Dalian Method Facilitator.


Leela was dependent on psychiatric medication for 15 years to function and feel “normal” before she met the creator of the Dalian Method, Mada Dalian, in 2011. As Mada’s student, she began a shockingly deep and powerful inward journey, which enabled her to get off the medication. Today, Leela enjoys supporting her fellow seekers as a Dalian Method Facilitator.

As leaders in their own right, Leela and Monika will engage in a conversation about leadership, and some common misperceptions and experiences but also opportunities associated with being a leader.

About Monika:

These are my current most important values that guide me in running my business and living my life in general. I will revisit and tweak them from time to time, since our values do change as we evolve. In any case, I invite you to hold me accountable to them if you ever notice that my behaviour is not in alignment with them. Integrity: I am honest to others and myself; I do what I say I do and I always strive to do “the right thing”. Clarity: Through my words and actions I bring transparency, accuracy and clear guidance to any life and business situation, and I always endeavour to help people understand themselves and each other. Possibility: I approach life with an open mind and a “glass half full” attitude. I always do my best to see, find or create opportunities and win-win solutions. Ease: I make interactions as simple as possible and create experiences of effortlessness, for others and myself. Kindness: I treat others and myself with compassion, patience and thoughtfulness. I easily smile at other people and help them; my interactions are rooted in an attitude of love and acceptance.

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