Connected Living with Brenda Davis-Matz

Connected Living - Connected Living with Brenda Davis-Mat – OPEN LINES / Readings Feb 23/23

February 23, 2023
with Brenda Davis-Matz

11am pacific:


Connected Living with Brenda Davis-Matz at 4PM Pacific on Alternate Thursdays 

About Brenda Davis-Matz

Practitioner of Energy Medicine

Light Language Channel

Reiki Master

Doterra Wellness Advocate

Outdoors Woman

Brenda also known as Two Feathers, is a Multi-Dimensional Shaman. Her intuitive skills are comprised of abilities both natural and developed. She works as an energy healer, light language channel, artist and outdoors woman. She utilizes these abilities to work with people, animals and nature, assisting on the journey of  Connected Living.

Brenda had intermittent psychic experiences as a child, however, her intuitive abilities were completely unlocked in the 90s as a result of some very difficult life experiences in her early twenties. This process of opening was a very confusing and difficult time. Through deep personal work she released the dynamics that no longer served her highest good. This clearing authentically connected Brenda to her higher self and her higher consciousness. This profound experience allows Brenda to work with individuals, animals, nature and locations on many different levels. She brings a practical approach while utilizing ancient wisdom, helping to create connection in all things.  She has been practicing Energy Medicine since 2003. This modality was developed by Brenda and incorporates her ability to see and read energy with the ability to facilitate energetic shifts within the body, mind and spirit of people and animals. Brenda is a certified Online Holy Fire III Karuna ® Reiki Master and recently opened to channeling Light Language.  She has worked on opening to this natural channeling process with the help of Aurora Luna and Jamye Price. She recently completed Jamye’s courses Learning Light Language and Light Language for Practitioners. This is a language filled with encodements of light that are understood by the soul. These encodements unlock DNA and soul potential that exist in every aspect of ones self, and further allows the individual to find and experience their true purpose as a self-empowered being.   SEE PROFILE  >

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