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Conscious Infinity - Conscious Infinity with Rebecca Wiley Jan 12/21 – Starseed and blueray beings and light language

January 12, 2021
with Rebecca Wiley

2pm pacific:


Conscious Infinity with Rebecca Wiley on Tuesday s at 2pm Pacific

TODAY:  Rebecca and her colleague, Kristen discuss starseed and blueray beings and the importance of this frequency on earth at this time. Part of this awakening brings in light language, the galactic language, and how it is spoken and why.

Rebecca Wiley is a Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. She has been blessed with psychic abilities her entire life. She is passionate about holistic healing and believes it is the only way to successfully treat clients. Rebecca is a certified ThetaHealing Teacher and Practitioner. Rebecca founded and branded her own modality called Zero-Point Activations™. She is a Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner/Coach, NLP Certified Life Coach, Eye-Movement Integration Practitioner and Ordained Minister.  Rebecca has successfully treated clients using these modalities for 15 years.

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