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Conversational Healing - Conversational Healing with Cathy Cavanagh August 25/15

August 25/15
with Cathy Cavanagh

Alternate Tuesdays 11am PST / 2PM PST – Conversational Healing with Cathy Cavanagh BASED IN IRELAND – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE JAN. 2015 – Cathy uses a unique blend of spiritual gifts with systematic universally accepted coaching and mentoring modalities, (Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Energy Psychology Practitioner) to assist her clients on their souls journey. Her approach is both deeply insighful and practically based. She assists her clients in ‘reframing’ which takes pieces of a clients life and shift the perspective to show an opportunity or a pathway that wasn’t apparent before. Also a gifted psychic medium, Cathy communicates with those passed to spirit, providing evidence of existence and passing messages of comfort and support to their loved ones.

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