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Deliberate Manifesting - DELIBERATE MANIFESTING with Meniyka Nov 16/21 – Connecting the dots

November 16, 2021
with Meniyka


1pm pacific:


DELIBERATE MANIFESTING on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1pm pacific

TODAY: Connecting the dots: How one’s beliefs shape and influence one’s perception and experience of reality.

We’ll be diving deeper into the art of Deliberate Manifesting and Influencing. Last week was an overview, broad brush strokes so to speak. This week we’ll get into more examples and the process of how things generally unfold. We’ll also go deeper into the process itself of witnessing our emotions by taking a closer look at our beliefs thereby transforming our emotional outlook.

I’m Meniyka, a practical heart-centered life coach, healer and artist based out of San Diego, CA. My greatest passion is to empower each and every one of us to step into our true potential and live our lives with greater harmony, enthusiasm, clarity and joy.  I specialize in energy clearing, deliberate manifesting and transformation at the deepest levels. My coaching, soul speak and energy clearing sessionsare one-on-one breakthrough experiences offered in person, remotely, over the phone, or video. Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions are in person half-day sessions that offer instantaneous relief and transformation physically, emotionally and mentally.  VIEW PROFILE >

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