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Diamond Astrology - Diamond Astrology with Monique Leurink Jan-3-2019 Todays Guest: psychic medium Barbara Bandel

January 3, 2019
with Monique Leurink

9am pacific:

TODAY:  Monique interviews famous psychic medium Barbara Bandel 

Diamond Astrology with Monique Leurink on Thursdays on NFTS at 9am Pacific Time  – An NFTS Global Luminary  broadcasting from France since September 6th, 2018 – Monique Leurink is one of the world’s first and most passionate teachers and trainers of Diamond Astrology, a new dimension in the astrology of today. Monique has an experience for more than 40 years. She is a teacher, trainer, workshopleader and author and gives sessions all over the world.  When reading the chart she fuses the Personality with the Essential Self. Monique’s expertise is that she not only teaches (live and online) the theory of Diamond Astrology in a heart-opening way, but also she brings it into practice with eye-opening workshops to wake up to the processes of the Essential Self and liberate the immense Creative Force. She is a pioneer in the field and continues to renew herself by giving her unique vision on Diamond Astrology and relates that to practical ways to raise your frequency.

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