Divine Truth with Joann Lysiak

Divine Truth - DIVINE TRUTH with Joann Lysiak Nov 23/21 – Energy Properties of Gemstones

November 25, 2021
with Joann Lysiak

3pm pacific:

DIVINE TRUTH on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 3pm pacific

TODAY:  How to tap into the Energy Properties of Gemstones.

I'll be sharing how to use the energy properties of gemstones for your benefit to manifest your desires, protect your energy, attract love and many more. I'll share how I work with stones to create powerful jewelry and energy test people to determine what stone is right for them.


Joann Lysiak

Founder, Chief Empowerment Officer Certification, Mindset and Manifest Mastery Coach
Joann is passionate about living her purpose as a Wellness and Lifestyle Transformation Coach by inspiring people to fulfill their dreams, live a healthy lifestyle, transform and thrive. In her 20 years experience in the personal growth industry, she has empowered thousands of people to achieve greatness through her public speaking events, corporate training, seminars, GIN local meetings, wellness programs and one on one coaching sessions. Her intuition guides her to get to the cause of what is holding her clients back, clear it, and coach them to create their life desires. She enlightens people on how they can shift their thinking to transform their life through their intentional efforts. Joann encourages people to achieve their desires and fulfill their dreams, just as she has in her own life. After her own health crisis, she learned first hand how to heal in order to turn around her crisis to become her greatest health triumph, career and current life purpose. She walks her talk, living a healthy lifestyle filled with abundant energy, vitality, happiness and YOUNGEVITY and empowers others to do the same by learning how to nourish their mind and body. The most prized possession you have is your mind and body. “Your health is your wealth in life. Everyone has the power within to take charge of their wellness and well-being. When you turn on your power, you will experience the magic in life!” Joann is a Certified Nutritionist, Applied Kinesiologist – certified in QRA, Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner and Master Life Coach.

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