GODDESS ESSENCE - GODDESS ESSENCE with Marcela – Sex, Love & Money – The 3 Phases of Venus Retrograde

April 27, 2020
with Marcela

TODAY: Sex, Love & Money - The 3 Phases of Venus Retrograde


11am pacific:


GODDESS ESSENCE with Marcela on the 4th Monday of the Month at 11am Pacific starting February 24th, 2020

Marcela teaches women to connect to their creative muse and honor their magic and gifts through the sacred feminine arts. Marcela has inspired women in ways that help them deepen and honor their feminine expression, increase their love vibe, embrace their sensuality, exude their inner sexiness and elevate their esteem value. Marcela offers private and group VIP mentoring, workshops, women circles and retreats. She uses a dynamic integrative approach, utilizing different energy modalities in her private practice, including intuitive readings, face & hand reading analysis, essences/essential oils, 9 star ki & western astrology, feng shui and embodiment techniques. For over 12 years, Marcela has been mentoring on relationships, life purpose, self-care and enriching love life. Through the years, she has consulted on feng shui, eco design awareness and graceful lifestyles. She has expanded her practice to encompass a holistic approach with energy modalities, embodiment practices and vibrational elixirs to help women enhance their essence, expand their presence and embody their best selves – purposefully, pleasurably & passionately. Through her own journey, she has become deeply passionate about helping women strengthen, heal and transform their relationship to love, deepen intimate communication, and amplify their inner beauty, while guiding them to feel more grounded, sensual and soulful in the process. She helps them express their innermost desires through their heart, mind, body & soul connection. ​Her techniques are influenced by her studies in advanced Feng Shui, Holistic theories, Metaphysics, Counseling, Neuroscience, Vibrational Medicine, Energy & Esoteric Research, Expressive & Healing Arts. Marcela’s academic background includes Master’s level work in Women’s Spirituality, Creative Expression, Transpersonal Psychology, Social Work and Behavioral Neuroscience; and has received a BA in Psychology with a Minor in Biology.


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