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Intuitive Healing - Graham Elkin March 27/15

March 27/15

Intuitive Healing with Graham Elkin on the 4th Friday of the Month beginning January 23, 2015… NOW BASED IN USA – Graham Elkin is a Medium and Healer. He has worked professionally in these fields for over 25 years, and has a very long list of repeat and respected clients, whom he values greatly.  Whilst mediumship is his basis, and the gift that appeared earliest, (age 13) Graham’s focus and calling is Healing.   Mostly, he does this by sound, a frequency or vibrational energy. We refer to this as energy healing.  This healing was first used by Imhotep 5000 years ago.  Imhotep is widely known as the father of medicine.  He was thought to have used a Lyre, an early form of a harp to find the right frequency to address specific needs. Graham has studied Imhotep as part of his own development as a healer, among many others.Graham grew up in the UK and is now living in the US.

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