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High Vibe Chick - High Vibe Chick with Stephanie Stanton – Contemporary Shamanism with Terri Lundquist

March 17, 2020
with Stephanie Stanton

11am pacific:

High Vibe Chick with Stephanie Stanton on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 11AM Pacific starting January 21st, 2020

TODAY:  Stephanie’s guest is Terri Lundquist and she is a contemporary shaman, healer and teacher. We will be discussing “living the sacred ordinary”. My name is Stephanie Stanton. I am a Visibility Coach for Intuitive Women. Through intensive mindset coaching and personal branding photography, I create transformation in the lives of my high vibe clients. I absolutely love helping spiritually driven women step through their fears towards joyful evolution in their business and relationships. I understand what it’s like to desire more freedom of lifestyle, to attract clients effortlessly and to follow my heart-centered calling. I had to gain massive clarity AND an abundant mindset to create my dream business. I had to learn how to trust bigger and shine brighter so my tribe could see me. And now all I think about is how to liberate other High Vibe Chicks from their fears and connect them with the women that need their healing gifts. We are all in this together. Are you ready to give up the self-doubt struggle and create magic in your life? I have helped countless women clarify and manifest their dreams and now it’s your turn. It’s time to become visible, own your value and receive on the next level. Find out more here:   https://www.highvibechick.com/about.html

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