Honoring Grief with Kimberly Robbie

Honoring Grief - Honoring Grief with Kimberly – Feb 26/23 – A powerful demo of EFT

February 26, 2022
with Kimberly

Sunday Feb. 26, 2023:

11am pacific:

Honoring Grief with Kimberly on the 1ST Friday of the Month at 11am pacific

TODAY:  Kimberly & her guest Debra Coffey Take a deep dive into what EFT Tapping is, its power, and demonstrated its use and power for the audience to see and follow along.

Debra Coffey is a Registered Professional Counsellor and an Accredited EFT Trainer and Practitioner, who delights in using EFT with clients, and seeing the surprising and unexpected benefits that happen with its use. 

About Kimberly and her journey to NFTS! :

Kimberly grew up always believing that life was supposed to be more joyful, loving and connected than she experienced in her life and in her relationships. She was told directly or indirectly by people and by the World to contain her Joy and light, to not stand out or be “too much”, and to not get “too excited” for things because life and people will just let you down. Deep down she felt and knew this was CRAP, and she carried much grief and longing for what she knew was the Truth. Who knew that just 1 month after turning 40, she’d be divorced, lost, and completely broken apart…. AND that THIS despair would be the hidden light that would lead her into that life she always dreamt of! Through a courageous, bumpy, and even magical experience of deeply grieving her marriage and the grief she’d held in  her body for nearly 40 years, and fully allowing herself to feel it all, she has now transformed her life from one of doubt, fear, anxiety and longing into one of more Joy, love, creativity, purpose, and passion greater than she ever believed was possible! In learning how to love herself fully through devastating loss and grief, she ultimately has learned what true self-love and unbridled joy truly is! One of the powerful tools in her journey through grief has been using what she likes to call the ‘superpower tool’ of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping! – see below for more on EFT!

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