IN THE LIGHT with Laura O’Malley

IN THE LIGHT - IN THE LIGHT with Laura O’Malley September 5/23

September 5th, 2023
with Laura O'Malley

2pm pacific


IN THE LIGHT with Laura O’Malley onthe 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 2PM Pacific.


About Laura

Laura’s spiritual journey began in the fall of 2014.  She was teaching elementary school and had everything she needed and wanted.  Her life looked picture-perfect,  yet, she’d never felt worse.  “I was sad, depressed, feeling utterly hopeless, not to mention completely stressed out, and I truly had no idea why.” She had been experiencing severe physical dizziness and had spent over a year searching for answers within the medical community. The “cause” was never determined.

Following what she thought was an odd impulse, she stumbled upon a book in the library (today she recognizes this as Divine intervention!) that suggested she meditate, and so she began.  A sense of relief and calmness set in slowly at first, and then fast and strong.  She felt as though her life was simply falling into place. Within a year, she’d begun communicating with her spirit guides (yes, we ALL have them!) Her initial response was that of disbelief and denial, followed by a complete physical and mental evaluation revealing to her she was, quote, fine. Then, she really began to LISTEN.  Not with her ears, but with her inner guidance, her whole self.  This connection also introduced her to her Higher self, and her Divine path.

By meditating, or ‘plugging-in’ to Source daily,  she discovered the truth of  “WHO AM I”, and the truth of who we ALL are. Thus, began her path to wellness. Worry and fear seemed to disappear overnight.  For months she read all she could find about meditation and energy centers.  She took classes and became a certified Reiki III Master. Her path to connecting with Source energy and learning to interpret vibrational information, felt to her, nothing short of miraculous. Now, she knows that this miracle, this connection, is available to every single one of us!  Laura is a teacher, a coach, and a source of information for anyone searching for truth and happiness.  She loves what she does, and believes this path will lead ANYONE to what they truly desire, which is HAPPINESS.

She is grateful for every experience, every connection she makes with the individuals who seek her guidance.  And she believes that each connection is intentional for her learning, as well.  She is committed to bringing happiness & enlightenment to all those who find her and help each discover his or her path to peace, love, and joy, as she has discovered hers!   SEE PROFILE >


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