360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez

360 Prosperity - June 7/21- 360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez…”Trust Yourself”

june 7, 2021
with Maria Martinez

4pm pacific:


360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez

"Trust Yourself"

Learn how to fully trust yourself and in your Divine partnership. Fear is an obstacle that may constantly show up in our life especially when we choose to stretch and step into the next best version of ourselves. When we choose more and decide to play a bigger game in life, our shadows, darkness, or past "failures" come up. In those moments when we are faced with our shadows, the decisions we make will set us back or propel us forward.
When we choose to embrace what was, accept what is and open up to what could be, we release the hold fear has on us and we begin to move into trust, faith, surrender and divine partnership. We increase the belief in ourselves, raise our self-worth and align with our truth. You become unwavering, uncompromised, and unstoppable!
This is the key to living in your flow. However, it begins with a daily practice of letting go of the past, believing you are enough and trusting yourself. With this practice, you develop a loving, forgiving and accepting relationship with yourself. You become more comfortable seeing the light, radiance and magnificence within you. And in recognizing yourself, you recognize your divinity, then there is no question of whether or not you trust yourself. Trusting yourself, trusting the universe, and trusting your Divine Partnership becomes your truth.
Join me today and learn how to trust yourself, trust the Divine, and move forward with certainty and knowing every single day.
360 Prosperity with Maria Martinez – 4pm pacific on the 1st & 3rd Mondays at 4pm pacific on NFTS starting June 1st, 2020:   Maria Martinez is a Human Potential Activator, Wealth Consciousness Activator, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Light Language Channel, Medical Intuitive, Business Success Coach & Speaker.  She supports you in identifying your gifts and talents, discovering your Life Purpose, accessing your full potential, and achieving Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment, and Prosperity.  She has the unique ability to see, feel, know, and hear your deepest desires and clear anything blocking you from stepping into your greatness.  She is a catalyst for change, healing, and transformation.   As a clear channel for source and 16+  dimensional light beings, she can help remove blocks to having it all, living abundantly, and manifesting your unique extraordinary life.  https://www.360prosperity.com/about-maria.html

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