Life Healing with Erica with Life Healing with Erica

Life Healing with Erica - LIFE HEALING WITH ERICA – NFTS – Jan 5th, 2016

Jan 5/16
with Erica Korman

LIFE HEALING WITH ERICA – 1ST Tuesday 10AM PST / 1PM EST Erica Korman is a Miami based healer combining Psychotherapy, Holistic Health, Spritual Life Coaching & Meditation to inspire her clients to make life-long changes in their mind/body/spirit to achieve these goals. She has created her 3H Method helping clients become healthy, healed and ultimately happy! Erica has been practicing Psychotherapy for 15+ years, and is a certified Holistic Health Coach as well as a Meditation Specialist. He own recent amazing “Spiritual Awakening” has led her to work with clients in a very Spiritually-Intuitive way, helping them to connect with their own Spirituality and trust their own “Inner Guidance”.

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