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Lifewise - Lifewise with Joff on NFTS: TODAY: the mystical side of cymatics

January 21, 2021
with Joff Talbot

2pm pacific:

On this episode of Lifewise Radio we will be talking the health benefits and the mystical side of cymatics and our guest is the amazing Mandara Cromwell, author of Soundflower and CEO of Cyma Technologies (  
We are very fortunate indeed to have someone so prestigious and well versed in this quiet frankly, beginning of all things work. So buckle up, lend me your ears and see shape in sound.  Something that is all around yet slips through our awareness.
Mandara is Cymatherapist, Cymatherapy trainer, author of Soundflower - The Journey to Marry Science and Spirit and creator of the AMI750 sound energy healing device.  Welcome to Lifewise Radio, Mandara Cromwell.
Cymatherapy™ is the utilization of frequency or sound waves to create vibrant health through advanced sound technology. During the last fifteen years of exploration, her colleagues and many practitioners have seen the immense benefits of this new therapy which I brought to the United States in 2001. Through her studies, she learned that sound could be applied to the body trans-dermally which resulted in the vision and innovation of the AMI – Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices™. In 2013, the AMI 750 was nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine. She is dedicated to making this form of therapy available to everyone and my hope is that the information you find here will inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities for vibrant health for your patients, clients and loved ones.'
Lifewise with Joff on the 3RD  Thursday of the month at 2pm pacific starting October 17, 2019 – Following a personal energetic/spiritual(?) shift/adjustment in late 2013 I was ‘encouraged’ into a world of learning I felt but knew little about.  Following this ‘shift’ I was propelled into a world of metaphysics, the worlds of the weird and wonderful – seen and unseen, sound, light, vibration, self-betterment and the quest for balance of the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.  Following many years of investigation and working with people I have blended this learning into an effective delivery of projects and support for people in need of all manner of healing. 20+ years delivering various holistic modalities of which I still offerand alongside an interest in the ‘wholistic’ approach to life I have always been one for balance.  I followed subtle guidance (and some not so subtle) which felt positive and lead me to traditional, some might say ‘alternative’ worlds of healing/medicine, metaphysics, the esoteric and advanced ancient wisdom, alongside new science where necessary.  This has repeatedly challenged and changed my ideas of how life can be…and not just for me, why not for all?  The journey of everyone.  We have the tools – who’s teaching us to use them? The importance of the raising of the collective vibration (our human experience) through conscious awareness, discernment and personal commitment to vastly improve is required to step into the light and create a world we look at and love – not wince at.  It’s all there.  Our personal spheres are in constant interaction with others, therefore your vibration matters. I have created a what seems a welcomed model of supporting people to re-discover innate skills and abilities to help move forward from many of life’s blockages. Lifewise has evolved with the supreme guidance, teachers, support and feedback from the people worked with throughout the years, providing valuable feedback leading to the confidence in the content and delivery.  The Collective.

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