Transmissions of Divine Love with Neelam Minocha

Transmissions of Divine Love - Meditate With Neelam and Buddha – News for the Soul – -July-17-18

July 17, 2018
with Neelam Minocha

TODAY:  Meditate With Neelam and Buddha – “What You Think You Become.”  Channelled Meditation with Buddha’s healing energy and wisdom.

Meditate with Neelam at 9am PST / NOON EST on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month starting June 19th, 2018 Neelam left her job as a CFO and Director in the corporate world in search of a more fulfilling life, becoming a unique healing channel. A key element in the healing process undertaken by Neelam is that she is able to identify the root cause of the emotional trauma that is stored in the cellular memories. Very often she will be taken back to a past life or childhood memory to clear and release from that point in time. Our cellular memories store emotions and traumas from our past lives and childhood. It is important to come to an understanding of what these emotions came to teach us as they impact on our everyday decisions in life. When we clear these emotions through healing the root cause, changes are made at a core cellular level that have the ability to completely free us from our limiting life patterns once and for all. Neelam works with her clients healing and releasing emotional wounds in their cellular memories. Clearing up the traumas so they do not manifest into a physical or mental condition.  

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