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Merkaba Healing - Merkaba Healing with Tania Abouzaki on NFTS FEB 16, 2021 TODAY:  Introduction Interview

February 16, 2021
with Tania Abouzaki

4pm pacific

Merkaba Healing with Tania on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 4pm PST Starting February 16, 2021

TODAY:  Introduction Interview

About Tania

Sometimes we need that push towards the right path.  Many times that push is more of a knock to the floor and a hold down.  I knew I was unhappy for a while,  my knock to the floor was when I was faced with the reality of sickness and the fear of death when my sister was diagnosed with cancer.  The fall into depression and regular panic attacks creeped up on me gradually and after being held down I had no choice but to set myself in motion to climb back up. I chose the holistic journey. (Are you ready?) This journey resulted in me quitting a high paid corporate role, selling my belongings and home, completely changing my eating habits, changing my daily fitness regime, travel, study and more study; followed by more travel and a new career path.  A career path that I am passionate about. Being a helpless witness to my sisters battle over six years raised many questions regarding overall health, nutrition, the chemicals we digest daily, the over use of supplements, pharmaceutical pills, the affect of emotional and mental stress and how it manifests into disease or chronic pain in our bodies.  I also questioned my spiritual beliefs, life, purpose and destiny.  My sister was thirty-six and leaving behind two children, four and seven;  our mother also lost her battle to cancer at thirty years old, my sister was seven and I was three.  With many traumatic scars to face and heal, my spiritual journey needed to go deep.  My health had also suffered over time and at twenty-six I had experienced a TIA which is a warning of a major stroke and the diagnosis was a hole in the heart that needed to be closed. The time leading up to the TIA and the time between surgery, my physical fitness and health decline was quite quick.  Soon after I began receiving Reiki treatments and slowly the Universe sent me the souls that helped open my world. I had to face my truths.  Truth got me off my chair and taking control of my health and fitness; the affect this had on my mental clarity and focus also aided me the relief I needed as I was on the emotional roller coaster.  The roller coaster of up and down emotions, internally breaking down belief systems and rebuilding; this is the journey to healing from within. I began to run, go on hikes, dabble in yoga, I tried and found I love running and lifting weights.  I decided to quit my job and sell my house and travel.  I continued my studies as a Holistic Health Councillor and receiving Reiki, Pellowah and Crystal Healing Certifications.  And now here I am, ready to help you find inner peace.  This was my journey, yours will be different, the path you choose with be uniquely yours. You will know what it is that will get you to afford that time on you and your well-being! You will come to know how you want to live and your passions. My job is to be by your side and when you need guidance to be rest assured I am here.  I will guide you through with Reiki treatments, and an understanding of the Chakra System, I will introduce you to the benefits of Breathing techniques, Mantras, Crystal Healing.  I will introduce you to Astrology, Numerology, Aromatherapy, Meditation and most importantly help you find your gift and the power of your unique beautiful energy.  Your ability to manifest. Your deserving and ability to be happy and abundant.

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