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Mind Your Matter Healing - Mind Your Matter Healing with Fiona  July 17/22 Introduction Interview!

July 15/22
with Fiona

Sunday July 17/22:

Special Introduction Interview at 4pm pst today:

Mind Your Matter Healing with Fiona on the 3rd Friday of the month at 4pm pacific starting July 15th, 2022

About Fiona

I use a combination of energy and somatic modalities, muscle testing and intuition to analyse and balance energy.  Throughout my life I have had a strong connection to source energy and have channelled this for hands on and remote therapy to help others and myself.

I am an Integrated Healing, Theta Healing, NLP and Usui Master Reiki practitioner.

I also utilise KinergeticsAccess Bars of Consciousness, Focused Intention and Blue Ray Healing to assist people with healing in their lives.

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