My Way Om with Robyn

My Way Om - My Way Om with Robyn May 21/24 – Tuning into our biofield

May 21/24
with Robyn

10am pacific:


My Way Om with Robyn on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 10AM PACIFIC 

TODAY:  Tuning into our biofield: a closer look at sound and healing through attunement  with guest Larry Nardi

Do you wish you experienced more ease?

The mind can rewire (neuroplasticity) and the body can realign (bioplasticity). Let’s work together to regulate the nervous system and emotions using somatic & energetic practices plus neuroscience to get to the HEART of the matter!

When I ran my first marathon, I was injured and unsure whether or not I was making the right decision to run the race anyway. I hadn’t been able to walk easily for nearly a month prior to the race because I injured my psoas muscle during a long run. Fear was telling me to hang back. But, I trained for months and I really wanted to see how much I could run. I decided to trust myself and allow the unknown to unfold. My marathon miracle was absolutely an example of how possible it is to heal your body. When the will is there, the body will align with all its systems on your behalf. While it wasn’t a record breaking finish, I ran the entire marathon and experienced total healing during the race. When it was over, I was walking normally and felt amazing!

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