Intuitive Transformation with Intuitive Transformation

Intuitive Transformation - Nicole Bayliss Jan 15/15

Jan 15/15

Intuitive Transformation with Nicole Bayliss - ALTERNATE THURSDAYS 1PM PST Starting Jan. 15/15 – Nicole is a Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Counsellor, Reiki Master and Intuitive Guide. Through her unique gifts and connection with the Ascended Masters, she has assisted many people in their personal transformation and their ability to lead more fulfilling lives. Nicole’s aim is to assist others in healing the past, present and future, clearing energetically and spiritually the blocks that may manifest themselves in poor choices, destructive life patterns, fear and anxiety, senseless drama, dysfunctional relationships, daily stress, poor health or general unhappiness. Through spiritual life coaching, Nicole has aligned many to their ideal future and has assisted them in accessing their innate creativity.

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