Transference Healing with Alexis Cartwright

Transference Healing - Nicole Marie interviews Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing PLUS a live CHANNELLING for 2024!

January 27, 2024
with Alexis Cartwright

January 27/24 at 5pm PST - Nicole Marie interviews Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing PLUS a live CHANNELLING for 2024!

Alexis Cartwright is the channel and founder of Transference Healing®. She is an Australian- based teacher who has spent the last thirty years supporting others to self-heal, self-master and create a higher reality. Alexis teaches her students how to work with frequency, light and alchemy. Her schedule includes mass healings, training events and Mystery Schools, which she facilitates to a global audience, both in-person and online.   Since she was a teenager, Alexis has always been guided to understand the universal mysteries. By the age of nineteen, she was performing psychic readings professionally. Over time, she began attuning to the grid of the planet to find answers to her many questions regarding the human spirit. Her awareness opened and her faith birthed. At the age of twenty-nine, Alexis began to channel new frequency-healing procedures. These procedures helped her clear distortions held deep within the etheric body, and to work with the alchemical properties of nature. While simultaneously attuning the grid and the patterning of the physical body and consciousness, she began to retrieve, remember and access the mysteries of the Universe. After performing healings on thousands of clients, at the age of thirty-two Alexis had completed channelling Transference Healing. A new way of healing had anchored onto the planet, incorporating the human anatomy, and the technology of light, and the grid. Alexis soon began to see that the key to ascension is self-healing, and that her true purpose was to teach others to heal themselves. She has authored a range of publications, including her landmark book – Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries revealed – and her Animal Magic Divination Set. Alexis now travels extensively to teach Transference Healing, as well as offering online trainings. She also offers online meditations and lightbody activations. Her dearest wish is to be of service to humanity in its journey of healing, mastership and ascension.  

What is Transference Healing?

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. It works with frequency, light and matter to initiate ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. It is pure alchemy. Transference Healing is self-healing tool that empowers you to work with the very depths of your anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being. It unifies ancient healing wisdom with unique etheric and electromagnetic healing procedures, channelled by Alexis Cartwright. This enables Transference Healing to work with the lightbody and Merkaba. It creates intricate healing, supporting the evolutionary expansion of the planet, and the human body and consciousness.

Receiving regular Transference Healing sessions, or learning to perform them for yourself, supports you to achieve and maintain a consistent level of health and wellness, while also connecting you to the complexity of your divine and inner nature. It’s a healing of hope, light and love. It enhances spiritual awakening, so you can return to a state of oneness with the omniverse and the God/Goddess.


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