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True Insights - Pilgrimage as the Fastest Path to Transformation- Best Selling Author Sophia “Lobersterbird”

March 21, 2018
with Joe Gacoscos

1pm pst:

TODAY:  Pilgrimage as the Fastest Path to Transformation with Joe's guest:  International Best Selling Author Sophia "Lobersterbird" Remolde".

True Insights with Joe Gacoscos – Wednesdays at 1PM PST on News for the Soul Radio – beginning Dec 6, 2017 – Joe Gacoscos is a Spiritual Energy Healer, Teacher and Coach based in San Diego, California. Joe teaches spiritual tools to help people connect to their true path and feel more confident about their life choices. Joe uses his well-developed clairvoyant abilities to provide spiritual guidance, spiritual counseling, and spiritual healing, helping clients and students become more spiritually awake and alive!


Today on True Insights with Joe: Pilgrimage as the Fastest Path to Transformation with Guest Sophia "Lobersterbird" Remolde

Today Joe welcomes Sophia "Lobsterbird" Remolde,  #1 international bestselling author of "Phase Out: The Secret Guide to Finding Work that Frees Your Soul. Sophia believes creativity is the very spark of human enlightenment; her mission is to free that energy and awaken a wildfire of consciousness. Sophia guides spiritual creatives on pilgrimages so they can level up in their businesses and do work they love that saves the world. Listen as Sophia shares:
  • What is a Lobersterbird?
  • What are these pilgrimages?
  • How did these pilgrimages come about?
  • Actionable advice you can take to help find your personal path
  • Special guided meditation to find your own answers
For listeners of this show, Sophia is offering a free copy of her best-selling book. Go to and get your copy today.

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