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Purrrfectly Holistic - Purrrfectly Holistic with Pam  TODAY:  LIGHTWORKERS

May 12/23
with Pam

5pm pacific:

Learn valuable and commonly not known about important health care facts about your cats (and your pets) …  TODAY:  LIGHTWORKERS

Today's show is called Light Workers and will feature my two team members and I as we discuss our roles in awakening and raising the consciousness of humanity via pets.

Deanna is a Reiki healer and Kate is an animal communicator for Purrrfectly Holistic.

Deanna Tsang

Deanna’s love for animals led her down the path as a Healer. She became vegan and wanted to help animals around the world, after learning about the Meat, Dairy and Egg industries. Reiki was the perfect method, since it could be conducted in-person or globally from a distance. The results and feedback she received were miraculous and surreal for both animals and people, and once she realized it wasn’t a coincidence or the placebo effect, Deanna left the corporate world in 2019. There was no way she was going to sell software for another 18 years, if she could help eliminate pain/suffering, and reverse diseases, illnesses and chronic conditions that some vets and physicians said couldn't be cured. In addition to being certified in Reiki I, II, III, Animal Reiki, Pranic Healing and Crystal Healing, Deanna also clears chakras, auras, energy rays, and cuts negative energy cords. After completing 3 different Reiki Programs and studying multiple healing modalities, she was able to compare and contrast different techniques, and now combines them together to yield faster results.

Kate Caruso-Sharpe

Growing up, I always felt a deep connection and intrigue with animals, specifically honing in on their emotions and distinct personalities. Animal communication is a skill that I began to demonstrate at a young age, and which I would end up refining in my late 20s. As a child, I spent a lot of time in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, listening to and eventually connecting with the local wildlife including turtles, foxes, and bullfrogs. In the home, I would receive what I would later come to understand as the messages from the pets of family and friends, passing their information along as a general vibe, feeling or fact. In 2020, I was guided to Danielle Tremblay’s animal communication classes. This experience was by far one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received as not only did it confirm my ability, it helped guide my practice to refine the ways I’m able to communicate. I was fortunate enough to have incredible teachers, both through Danielle and her pets, as well as through my own pets and those of my friends and family who were open to sessions. My own two dogs, a shepherd mix named Riley, and a pit bull plott hound mix named Scout have been incredible guides in the process.
Purrrfectly Holistic with Pam on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 5pm pacific – Pam is a Cat mom, fitness enthusiast, swimmer, holistic health seeker, yogi, aspiring gardener, lover of sunny Cancun beaches, gentle spirit, high sales achiever and entrepreneur.  After suffering an injury that wouldn’t heal, Pam was led on a journey to seek out alternative, holistic and natural medicine back in 2005, and she’s been learning ever since.  Now a passion that she loves to share with others and her my goal is to help people help themselves and their cats along their path to holistic health.  She has taken courses in holistic health for animals, muscle testing, and animal communication.  Her life is shared with her husband Rich of over 19 years and their four cats: Lili, Rocket, Gunner, and Aylen.   SEE PROFILE >

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